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Answering the Five Big Questions

2. What degree do I need to get started in the career I want?

  We have many folks here who can help shed some light on this question, but you are best served by taking some time to thoroughly research this.

 Share your career desires with your academic advisor and they might have some ideas of majors to look at. 

 Consult with advising staff with the majors you are considering and they can help you confirm if you are looking in the right direction. 

  Consult Career Services and explore their website and other resources so you can be 100% confident your choice of majors will assist you in finding a career you will enjoy.  They have career assessments and career counseling to help you narrow down the options that exist in a career that utilizes the degree you are so happy to work toward.   They will recommend you reach out to folks working in the industry, and ask them what majors and coursework they look for in an applicant for job openings in the career field you desire to work in.  They can also help you strategize how to learn the information you need to know to make an educated decision.