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Answering the Five Big Questions

5. What college or university do I want to transfer to?

  This decision will be influenced by your answers to the other big questions.  Maybe you know the exact city you wish to live in after graduation, and this will drive your decision.  For others, they know the exact degree they want, and this will determine the university they wish to transfer to.  Others may find that their scholarships or other ways of paying for one university make their choice the most economical choice.  Some folks are set on going to the same university that their parents or friends went to or are currently going to.  All of these choices have merit.

  Once you have made this decision, it is extremely important to do some research to determine how classes you take at DACC will be accepted by the university of your choice.   This is frequently determined by what are called articulation agreements.  If there is not articulation agreement between DACC and the university you wish to go to, this process becomes more challenging – so be prepared to contact your future university more than once to determine what you can do here that they will accept. 

  For your next step, please go to one of the two following pages based upon the college or university that you wish to attend after DACC: