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Answering the Five Big Questions

5. What college or university do I want to transfer to?


  If you wish to transfer to a college or university outside of the NMSU system (NMSU – Main Campus, NMSU Alamogordo, NMSU Carlsbad, or NMSU Grants) the process is a little more complicated than staying within the NMSU system.  There is a timeline on when you will need to address some concerns, and this will vary based upon what semester you wish to transfer to the new college or university.  They will be able to inform you of the best time to ensure certain items are addressed to avoid as many difficulties as possible.  Be sure to take good notes!

Below is a checklist of concerns you will need to address:

  • Contact the admissions department at the college or university that you wish to transfer to and determine what you need to do to be admitted as a student.
    • This will usually include the application process which may be online, and usually entails a fee.
    • If you can do so, make arrangements for a campus tour.
    • If you wish to live on campus, ask how to arrange campus housing.
    • Complete your FAFSA listing this college or university as the school you will attend on the semester you wish to begin attending.
    • Request an official copy of your transcripts from all colleges and universities you have attended (including Doña Ana Community College) and have these sent to the college or university you are transferring to. 
    • Ask their admissions staff who you should contact in the department that offers your desired major for more major-specific information.
  • Call, email, or visit the contact person indicated by admissions as being the contact for your desired major and determine the following:
    • Are there articulation agreements between the college or university you wish to transfer to and DACC and/or NMSU? 
    • If there answer to this is yes, this will delineate how your desired college or university will treat the classes you have taken here, and if they may count toward your major requirements at your new school.
    • If the answer is no, then you will have to rely on their evaluation of your transcript from DACC.
    • Remember – transcript evaluation is not an exact science.  You have the right to question how your transcript was evaluated, and challenge the results if you feel you can make a strong case that the coursework you have completed successfully includes the same material as a course you will be required to take to complete your degree requirements.  Check with the college or university that you are transferring to for information about how this process is approached at their institution.
  • Make living arrangements, etc. if this transfer involves you needing to move from your current residence and you have not already made arrangements.