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Answering the Five Big Questions

5. What college or university do I want to transfer to?

NMSU (Including NMSU Alamogordo, Carlsbad, and Grants branch campuses)

  If you are wishing to move on to New Mexico State University or one of its branch colleges (Alamogordo, Carlsbad, or Grants) then your transfer may be easier than it is for other colleges and universities.  To determine what courses will count toward the degree you desire, become familiar with the STAR Degree Audit system.  It is programmed to compare the courses you have taken with the courses required for your degree of choice.  Bring a copy of this to academic advising appointments along with your questions!

  Classes taken at one school in the New Mexico State University system meet the same requirement at all other schools within the system.  For example, if you take ENGL 111G at Doña Ana Community College, it will be treated as meeting the ENGL 111G requirement at any college in the NMSU system. 

  This does not mean however that courses you have taken at Doña Ana Community College will count toward the degree you are seeking at another school in the NMSU system so you need to consult an academic advisor at DACC to ensure you stay on track and do not take courses that are not needed for your degree of choice.  They will recommend you contact the advisor for the degree plan at NMSU, Alamogordo, Carlsbad, or Grants that can best address the needs of students seeking your desired degree, and give you their contact information.