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Answering the Five Big Questions

What major do I want to work toward?

I need this major to gain entry or advancement in the career I desire

  This answer indicates you have hopefully done some research with folks working in your desired career field, and determined that this major is what your future employer is looking for.  Make sure you do some research to come to this answer however.  Friends and family may mean well when they give you information of this kind, but unless they are in a position to hire you, their good intention may not help you pursue the best major to get your foot in the door in the career that you want. 

  If you have the slightest question about if this major is truly your best option, it is wise to consult Career Services and explore their website and other resources so you can be 100% confident you will make the right career choice. 

  Insufficient work on your part in confirming your degree choice will truly open the door to your desired career may cause you to have a harder time searching for employment upon graduation, or you may find later that you require additional coursework to get the kind of job you want.