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Matthew Byrnes - Departmental Chair

Image of Matt Byrnes, Department Chair

Digital Imaging & Design Technology


Matt is completing his MA in Agricultural and Extension Education at New Mexico State University. He also has a BIS in Education and Entertainment Technology from NMSU and an AS in Digital Graphics Technology from Doña Ana Community College. Matt Byrnes is the Department Chair and an Instructor for the Digital Imaging and Design Technology Department.  His experience lies in education, animation, design, and social work.  His goals are to foster the growth of design technology and creative media education in southern NM through innovative projects.  His specialties include 2D animation, script writing, storyboarding, and project management.  

Matt has worked as a Senior Multimedia Designer at New Mexico State University Media Productions, Multimedia Specialist at NMSU/RETA Project, Graphic Artist/Animator at NMSU andService Coordinator at Tresco, Inc.