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Frequently Asked Questions


How are applicants chosen for admission after meeting the minimum admission criteria?

  • Currently there are four different admission tracks to the nursing program: 1) Traditional for LPN or ADN, 2) Advance Placement, 3) LPN to RN, and 4) Readmission. Advance Placement, LPN to RN, and Readmission are tracks based upon space availability. For more information on a particular track, please visit each page listed under Programs and Admission.
  • All applicants are required to meet the minimum GPA standards and successfully complete an entrance exam.

What is a "review?"

  • A review is the process of reviewing the completed applications of qualified applicants for possible acceptance for admission into the Nursing Program. Only complete files are reviewed and ranked using the formula described in the question above.

When are the reviews administered?

  • Spring Cohort Entrance - December
  • Fall Cohort Entrance - May

Who does the review?

  • Information from the student's application is initially reviewed first by a Nursing Program Advisor to ensure completion of information. Then the file is reviewed by the APG Committee and points are assigned accordingly for each application track. The number of applicants accepted partly depends on the number of spaces available in the class (see question regarding admitting-class size).

How is the size of the admitting class determined?

  • The total number of students that can be admitted to a class is determined by space availability to maintain an adequate instructor to student ratio.

How long is the waiting list?

  • While there may be a wait to be admitted to the Nursing Program after completing all admission requirements, the Nursing Program does not have a "waiting list." Applicants who are not selected for admission during an application period wishing to still be considered for admission must re-apply during a future application period.

Should I retake a course to improve my GPA?

  • The decision to repeat a course is up to the individual candidate. The first passing grade of "C" or better for a Pre-requisite class requirement will be used for calculating the admission GPA. Therefore, repeating a course for a better grade will not affect the applicant's Pre-requisite GPA.
  • Anatomy & Physiology I, Anatomy & Physiology II, and Microbiology classes completed more than seven years prior to admission to the program will not be accepted for credit. If the class is older than seven years, the class must be repeated for credit and the grade from the repeat class will be calculated towards the Pre-requisite GPA.

If I am a transfer student, how do I know my classes/credits will transfer?

  • Students are encouraged to set up a meeting with a Nursing Program Advisor prior to beginning the application process. Transferability of classes will vary from student to student. For students transferring with prior nursing coursework, a degree plan and nursing course syllabi for all courses will be needed to aid in determining transferability.
  • Students must have official transcripts from all colleges and/or universities previously attended sent to DACC prior to beginning the application process. A student who conceals the fact that (s)he has attended another college or university and who has not had transcripts submitted by each institution previously attended-whether or not credit was earned-will be subject to immediate suspension. An academic credit evaluation will be mailed to you from DACC Advising Office.

I am thinking about a B.S.N. transfer, what do I need to do?

  • A student should contact the academic institutions of desired transfer for information.

Are there nursing classes in the summer?

  • Generally, there are not any core nursing courses taught during the summer. Sometimes the program will offer additional support courses, or electives, during the summer.

How do I know what my schedule of classes will be like once I am in the program?

  • The program does not have a set schedule of courses per semester. The schedule varies from level to level and is based on cohort size and space availability. Class and clinical times can be found in the schedule of classes. Please check with the program for any changes.

Do old courses still count for current credit?

  • Yes and No, with exceptions. The few exceptions are: Anatomy & Physiology I, Anatomy & Physiology II, and Microbiology and Nursing Courses. These science courses have a seven-year period in which the time requirement must be satisfied by the time the student applies to the program. Non-science pre-requisite coursework does not have an expiration date. Nursing courses taken over two years ago are considered expired. Please see an advisor for more information.

What do I do if I have a change of address or other student information?

  • Submit any change in student information or academic status to any DACC-Admissions Office or update your contact information on For students in the Nursing Program, changes to student information are to be submitted to the Nursing Program Secretary as well.

When I graduate from the program, am I guaranteed licensure?

  • Completion of the Nursing Program does not guarantee that the student shall pass the licensure examination or meet the requirements of the New Mexico (or any other) State Board of Nursing.