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Security Background Checks for Law Enforcement Majors


Every student focusing on law enforcement, Homeland Security, private security, corrections, parole or probation career field will at some point be subject to a background and criminal history check. There are student internships within the CJ/LE program that require a successful background check before a student can participate in the internship, ride along or off-site criminal justice related student work-study position.

A background check requires that a student complete a multi-part background questionnaire identifying most of the following:


  • All names and aliases used; marriages and divorces
  • Previous home and work address history, names of employers, teachers and schools including dates of work and attendance and or a transcript
  • Medical history including any mental health or drug use
  • Credit history
  • Criminal history to include arrests, traffic and infraction tickets. Juvenile arrest histories may not be shielded from background checks even if the juvenile record has been sealed
  • Military service record
  • Driving record, suspensions, tickets and possession of a current driver’s license
  • Citizenship and/or immigration status to include birth certificate and valid social security number
  • And any other background informational requirements unique to each agency
  • Current and past Internet Social networking information, profiles, postings and email addresses



NOTE: The following categories will eliminate a person from access to internships, training academies, off-site law enforcement work-study opportunities and most criminal justice related jobs:


  • Arrests for domestic violence, DUI/DWI, drug use & possession, felony & crimes, misdemeanor crimes (agency dependent)• Mental impairment based on mental illness, drug–alcohol abuse
  • False statements on an application or background check
  • Violations of laws involving moral turpitude
  • Bad credit
  • Objectionable visible body art, body modifications or piercings.
  • Failure to pass any job-related testing process to include written examination not limited to but including: Written examination, oral interview board, physical fitness exam, background check, polygraph examination, psychological examination, medical examination