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Axial Skeleton

The axial skelton consist of eighty bones within the central axis of the human body. The axial skeletal is divided into six parts.

The skull has a total of twenty-eight bones. The skull is sub-divided into three parts: Cranium, Facial, and Ossicles of the middle ear. 

Cranium has eight bones: (1) Frontal; (2) Parietal; (2) Temporal; (1) Occipital; (1) Sphenoid; (1) Ethmoid. 

Facial has fourteen bones: (2) Nasal; (2) Maxillary; (2) Zygomatic (malar); (1) Mandible; (2) Lacrimal; (2) Palatine; (2) Inferior nasal conchae; (1) Vomer. 

Middle ear has six bones: (2) Malleus (hammer); (2) Incus (anvil); (2) Stapes (stirrup).

There is only one hyoid bone.

The vertebral column has twenty-six bones which are divided into five subgroups: (7) Cervical vertebrae; (12) Thoracic vertebrae; (5) Lumbar vertebrae; (1) Sacrum; (1) Coccyx. 

The sternum and ribcage has a total of twenty-five bones: (1) Sternum; (14) True ribs; (10) False ribs.