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Appendicular Skeleton

The appendicular skeleton consists of one hundred and twenty-six bones of the appendages of the human body. The appendicular skeleton is divided into six divisions. 

There are four bones in the pectoral girdles  regions: (2) Clavicle; (2) Scapula.

The upper extremity is the arm which consists of six bones: (2) Humerus; (2) Ulna: (2) Radius.

The hand itself has fifty-four bones: (16) Carpals, (10) Metacarpals (wrist region); (10) Proximal phalanges; (8) Intermediate phalanges; (10) Distal phalanges. 

The lower extremity is the pelvic girdle which consist of two bones: (2) Pelvic (or hip bone).

The leg is also considered a lower extremity that consists of eight bones: (2) Femur; (2) Patella; (2) Tibia; (2) Fibula. 

Finally the feet and ankle consists of fifty-two bones: (14) Tarsals; (10) Metatarsals; (10) Proximal phalanges; (8) Intermediate phalanges; (10) Distal phalanges