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Sociology Curriculum

  • SOC 101G Introduction to Sociology - Introduction to social theory, research, methods of analysis, contemporary issues in historical and cross-cultural contexts. Covers groups, deviance, inequality, family, gender, social change, and collective behavior.
  • SOC 201G Contemporary Social Problems - Introduction to the fundamentals of social analysis through the analysis of contemporary American social problems. Emphasis on methods of analysis and cross-national comparisons showing that the social problems studied are common to all societies. Covers racism, violence, poverty, crime, health care, and substance abuse.
  • SOC 248 Special Topics - Specific subjects to be announced in the Schedule of classes. May be repeated for a maximum of 12 credits.
  • SOC 273 Sex and Gender - Analysis of changes, behaviors, and stereotypes of women and men in contemporary Western societies. Same as WS 273.