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Art Program

Art Curriculum

  • ART 101G Orientation in Art - A multicultural examination of the principles and philosophies of the visual art and the ideas expressed through them.
  • ART 110G Visual Concepts - Introduction to the philosophies of art, visual thinking, and principals of visual organization.
  • ART 150 Drawing I - Introduction to the skill of seeing through exercises that emphasize careful drawing from the still life and utilize a range of drawing materials and techniques.
  • ART 155 2D Fundamentals - Introduction to two-dimensional space emphasizing visual elements and design principles as they apply to composition
  • ART 156 3D Fundamentals - Compositional organization of three-dimensional space explored through a broad range of visual exercises.
  • ART 260 Introduction to Painting- Introduction to Basic Skills of Painting through various exercises that emphasize working from observation.
  • ART 275 Ceramic 1A - Introduction to clay arts. Techniques of hand-building, wheel throwing, and glazing. prerequisite: ART 156 or consent of instructor.
  • ART 276 Ceramics 1B - Beginning ceramics, complementary half to ART 275 (Art 275 and ART 276 do not need to be taken consecutively). Basic building techniques of coil, slab, and throwing are introduced. High-fire and low-fire clays are used. Prerequisite: ART 156 or consent of instructor.
  • ART 294 Special Topics in Studio - Specific subjects to be announced in the Schedule of Classes. No more than 9 credits toward a degree. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.
  • ART 295G Introduction to Art History I - An introduction to the principles of art history within a chronological framework of the art of the Western World. All media will be discussed. From prehistoric times to the fourteenth century.