Biology Student Learning Outcomes

 Students will be able to

  • apply the scientific method of creating and testing hypotheses to create new understandings of biology (NM State comp #2, Area III)

  • gather and analyze numerical information appropriately including creation and interpretation of graphs and diagrams (NM State comp #4, Area III)

  • apply new understanding of biology in novel ways that are useful to humans or that solve problems faced by humans (NM State comp #2, Area III)

  • communication effectively in writing and via oral presentation using appropriate scientific language and formatted in a way that is understandable to the general public (NM State comp #3, Area III)

  • identify and discuss opposing viewpoints when ethical issues arise due to the discovery and application of new knowledge by biologists (NM State comp #5, Area III)


Academic Year    
2013/2014 Plan
2012/2013 Plan Report
2011/2012 Plan Report

Microbiology Student Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to

  • work collaboratively in teams

  • orally present the research paper to class

  • write the research paper according to the specific instructions, and using literature and web resources to support the research paper

  • examine the problem/case study and provide a solution

  • solve problems from various perspectives with team members

  • to discuss and summarize the information to class

  • identify the unknowns, justify the predicted outcome, analyze the data, and synthesize the conclusion

  • perform various microbiological lab techniques to determine the microbe unknowns

  • write the formal scientific lab report to validate the results

Academic Year
2011/2012 Plan Report

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