Wednesday, March 6, 2013

DASR Executive Conference Room, East Mesa Campus


PRESENT: Margie Huerta, Andy Burke, Ike Ledesma, Fred Lillibridge, Jaylene McIntosh, Mary Beth Worley, John Walker, Bernie Piña, Lydia Bagwell, Evelyn Hobbs, Tammy Powers, Jackie Kiefer, Bill Glenn, Fred Owensby, Luly Valencia-Glenn, Vickie Galindo, Mack Adams, Lori Allen, Kathy Reddington, Gladys Chairez, Brad Mazdra, Becky Orduñez, Rosa DeLaTorre-Burmeister, Rosalina Contreras, Jonathan Winans, John Paulman, Anthony Gordon, Nancy Ritter, Ben Altamirano, and Denise Lilley (recorder)

ABSENT:, John Walker, Mozella Garcia, Gerri Martinez

GUEST: Rocio Alfaro for Gerri Martinez


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Meeting Start Time

10:10 a.m.


Dr. Huerta noted a good morning to the group.  It’s good to see everyone.  Thanks to Denise Lilley for taking minutes.  Thanks to Ms. Rosa DeLaTorre-Burmeister for the T-shirt for the Higher Learning Commission.

Informational Item

1 – Approval of the Minutes of February 13, 2013 (handout)- Dr. Huerta

Dr. Huerta entertained a motion to approve the minutes.  Ms. Evelyn Hobbs motioned to approve the minutes of February 13, 2013, with no changes.  Ms. Vickie Galindo seconded the motion.  No discussion followed. All were in favor, the motion carried. 

The minutes of February 13, 2013, were approved with no changes. 

2 – VP for Academic Affairs Update- Dr. Huerta

Dr. Huerta notified that the VPAA search terminated by NMSU Dr. Huerta asked NMSU to be allowed to appoint someone as the interim.  This process is under way; she hopes to notify everyone in one months’ time. Dr. Huerta will ask the Division Deans, President of Faculty Council and direct reports to meet with an individual and give her feedback regarding this so that there is some kind of process.  Presently NMSU does not have a process for interviewing an interim position it is at the discretion of the President, but what she would like is to get some input.  She will notify everyone as soon as those meetings are happening.  In the meantime the Deans are taking care of things.  Direct reports can contact Dr. Huerta to keep things moving along; she doesn’t want anything to get hung up.  We are making due but she misses Dr. Lovelace and really appreciates all that she did while she was here.  We are moving along and won’t let things slip through the cracks.

Informational Item

Good News Items-Dr. Huerta

Division evening meetings are happening for all of the divisions so that part-time faculty can attend and bring their concerns to the meeting.  These meetings were started a few years back when Dr. Chieffo was still here.  Dr. Huerta shared the PowerPoint that she has been sharing with the divisions. 


NADE certification: Give Dr. Piña a big round of applause. She is very proud of this and it made the Sun News. Further distinction we did not only receive this in one area we received it for all of the areas in the general studies division.  We are only one of 3 colleges in the state that received this award and the only one to receive it in all areas.  We are one of 69 colleges in the nation to get this award. Thanks to Fred for letting Mia work on this project. They have been working on this project for years. Thanks to all who worked on it.


ATD Leader College:  Dr. Huerta indicated that she had received an email over the weekend that we have been recertified as an ATD Leader College.  This is a big honor for DACC. We are one of only 66 in the country.  This is based on committed leadership, use of evidence to improve education processes, broad engagement and systematic institution improvement.  The panel looks at our application.  This is a big honor, EPCC and Houston Community College are among a few of the other leader colleges.


HLC Self Study: We are on time, actually a little ahead.  Susan Wood has been doing a lot; she is already on the 3rd draft of the document.  Goal is to have it done and submitted by Dec. 2013.


Student Services has moved to the new building and East Mesa Campus; Mr. Ledesma will talk about that a little later in the meeting about advising services and others that are available at the Central campus. We will not be forgetting about the Central campus.


Transfer Fair: 2nd annual went very well.  Thank you Brad and everyone involved. NMSU administrator attended. We want to do this every year. Graduates and upcoming graduates are invited to get to meet with advisors represented by the different colleges.  Paul Chavez was the keynote speaker, he is a former DACC graduate, and he went on to some executive officer of fire science selective training in Maryland and then got his BA and Masters at NMSU and is now working on his second Masters. He was also Fire Marshall for the county.


Transition Fair: Coming up on April 2nd, this is a similar event for ABE with our advisors and Deans. 


Both the transition and transfer fairs are part of the strategic plan to improve numbers.

Dr. Huerta also talked about systematic design for strategic planning.


NMHEAR: Dr. Huerta recognized the conference attendees and those from DACC on the conference team, almost 400 attended. DACC has taken leadership in this conference for almost 20 years. Dr. Huerta recognized Dr. Lillibridge for his role in helping with this conference. People come from all over the country to attend.


Dr. Huerta opened it up for questions and none were presented.


3 – Budget Feedback Meeting w/Budget Committee- Dr. Huerta

Dr. Huerta stated that basically a meeting with Mr. Andy Burke and the budget committee on 3/13/2013. That it was a budget recommendation feedback meeting. 

Informational Item

4 – Budget Process- Mr. Burke

The new trend is unknown until the legislature finishes.  On Monday an email came out that stated that the Board of Regents of NMSU would be having a budget meeting, Mr. Andy Burke will be attending this meeting. On their agenda will be tuition increases. We have been asked to put together a recommendation regarding tuition increases.  It appears that the State is going to fund us higher that HED so this should only be a modest raise, it will depend on NMSU salaries.  State agencies are recommending doing a 1% increase for salary increases.  HED only going to give us that portion that they say is State funding. DACC will have to come up with the rest of the monies to do this is where a modest rate increase comes in. Mr. Burke is not concerned at this time about budget cuts of any kind. We are making adjustments where need to.  Temporary faculty salaries but in line with course schedule we offer, One of things looking at may be looking at is to cutting temporary salaries (not student salaries) in administrative budgets-mostly that have not been spent.  Probably only issue that you will see discussed, not sure if it is happening or not but discussing. Dr. Huerta pointed out that this is an open meeting and anyone is welcome to attend but it is basically a meeting with Mr. Burke and the budget committee. NMSU has asked us to put together a proposal to accommodate the transfer of our nursing students to NMSU.  Next year (2014) should not be a problem, might be a drain for this year if asked to transfer money this year, comes out of funds budget. Some of the decisions that are being looked at is to not over commit our budget so that there is some room for 2015.  Don’t want to over commit ourselves to what we are doing in 2015. The FY 2015 will be the first year we might see a decrease in enrollment and completion.  IN trying to build an adequate budget for 2014 there is room to consider some other things that we haven’t but on the table yet, Mr. Burke wants to be careful that we do not over commit for the FY 2015.  Dr. Huerta added that the legislature ends 3/15 nothing new to change. Dr. Huerta feels it is safe to meet and decide what to do with the budget.

Informational Item

5 – Equipment Process- Mr. Burke

Equipment process: Deadline was two weeks ago.  This was chosen because we needed the major instructional units to have submitted their requests especially for Carl Perkins funds.  Usually don’t finalize until the end of the semester.  Needed to have a good sense of what vocational equipment needed for use with Carl Perkins funds.  It can change we can change the grant, we were just trying to get ahead of our needs for this year.  Sometimes there are facilities and intra-structure things that need to be considered with the requests that are not always thought of.   Process is that all of the computer type requests are forwarded to Ms. Lori Allen.  She will make recommendations to ITAC.  ITAC has representatives from each division on it.  Some of the computers have been placed in refresh cycle.

Dr. Huerta opened it up from questions:

Mr. Paulman asked what the funding trend looked like out to 2020?  Dr. Huerta answered that state economists project that the state economy might increase and get better.  Mr. Burke stated that he believed that New Mexico was the same as any other state in the nation and our economy was going to go up and down the same as all other states.

Enrollment trends are important to us; we look at transition, completion, retention.  We scored high on these areas. We need to stay focused on this issues which our strategic plan does. Mr. Burke pointed out that one of the meetings that are planned is for a facilities planner to come in and look at classroom usage, enrollment projection, etc.  We are likely to see a change in the enrollment policies of the University enrollment management. Regardless of the projection it is we are likely to see growth probably not in the 7, 8 and 9% that we have seen recently but will be in the lower digits. It will still be growth. Tomorrow there is a CC leadership meeting regarding the enrollment management plan. NMSU reconsidering the policy on enrollment restriction.  Students at campus to stay there, last 2 weeks give student change to register anywhere they want to go with the exceptions of programs that are only offered at a particular campus (i.e. Library Science only offered at DACC). If this happens we will see some changes in enrollment. This will be a good change.  Once plan is finalized it will be communicated to everyone.  Previously at DACC we used to open classes 2 weeks before the semester started classes for NMSU students to take general education courses.  This seemed to work well and be successful. NMSU is looking at something similar. Possibly starting for fall and summer. Dr. Huerta will share decisions once she learns of them. 

Informational Item

6 – Achieving the Dream Coaches Visit-April 1-2, 2013- Dr. Huerta

Our coaches Frank Renz and Trudy Meyers will be here on April 1 and 2nd for their visit. It is there agenda.  Dr. Huerta will share with everyone once they have completed the visit.  If you are involved you will hear from Dr. Lillibridge or Dr. Huerta.

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7 – NM Hear Conference- Dr. Huerta

Already talked about earlier in the meeting.

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8 – Advising Services at Central Campus

We have made sure that we have student support services (advising, financial aid, and cashier) at central campus. Mr. Ledesma gave a handout (will also be distributed on the everyone list) and went over different schedules that will be covered and where everyone will be located (suite of offices where Ike’s office was) when at central campus. The cashier’s office will have someone available during peak times to assist; they will be in the registration area. Someone from the cashiers office should have meet with all the departments regarding the purchasing of the equipment and where to direct students. This schedule will take effect on March 18.  Discussion occurred regarding the signage at the East Mesa Campus to direct students.  Mr. Paulman will work with Dr. Huerta to make signs larger, etc.

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9 – HLC Updates

Culinary Arts Approve

Streamlining the Program Approval Process- Dr. Lillibridge

We are working on the self-study.  Culinary Arts was approved by HED.  Streamlining program approval: Dr. Lillibridge has been invited to a meeting with NMSU people on a variety of things one of which was to get rid of dead programs. Dr. Fant working on a memo regarding which Dr. Huerta will approve. It is being done in phases. What they are concerned about is the catalog, which are supposed to last 6 years so a student might still be working on the program we thought was gone. Outlook of the meeting was a program approval draft was submitted to the division deans for review. There are still some things that need to be added like the HLC component to it. When the process is done we might not have to submit as many things as we thought.   We have two other programs- Environmental Energy and General Engineering still pending approval might have by April. These two went in about a month ago.  Don’t know how long it will take.  Tomography is a stand-alone certification so it is a different process.  We also send in certifications for all of our different locations such as Hatch and Chaparral and Arrowhead Early College High School and have not heard anything back, they might be lost.  Fred will talk to them. Distance learning, we were requested to submit but have not heard anything about it.  We are working on this and need to put more emphasis on this.  ALBCC had their site visit two weeks ago and got roughed up pretty bad on this.  VLIT has already done some things on this we just need to implement it.  Need to be sure there is consistency on everything in all the programs needs to be evaluations, syllabus, etc.  HLC is really looking on this. We need to prepare for this we have been working on this. We have made some progress in this area.  Student authentication in there, we have a committee SP6 working on this.  Dual credit also looked at due to our larger population of this than Alamogordo. These are areas of emphasis we are already working on.

Visit 13 months away.

Fred starting institutional profile: Alerting the division heads if there are changes that Dr. Lillibridge is not aware of please alert him to them. He will send emails and needs prompt responses.   This is very detailed information we only have 9 months to finish. Brad Mazdra is helping with the PBA information that Dr. Lillibridge is needing, trying to get it all cleaned up to help with this information.  NMSU removes programs that have not been used in 5 years, shouldn’t this all be on the same schedule.  Dr. Huerta will be asking the new VPAA to work with the division deans to get it cleaned up, and work on programs that are not doing well or needing to be terminated.  Example given was landscaping program, worked to get it moved over to Building construction trades.  Dr. Huerta wants for DACC to take responsibility to look at our programs and see what is working or not.  Dr. Lillibridge stated that the Catalog is accurate; any wording that is changed it needs to be accurate in all locations.  On the approval process we need to be sure that everyone is including Gladys for the financial aid process.  Certificates need to be 16 credits at a minimum.  Dr. Huerta suggested that during the next meeting we show them step by step process to see the whole thing.

Informational Item

10 – Announcements

Everyone List: Please use discretion in what you are sending on the Everyone list. This is of course in relation to recent slaughter that has been on the emails lately.  Ms. Allen is looking up policies regarding the usage of the everyone list. Dr. Huerta asked that leadership demonstrate to be above this and stay above the fire of the email conversation.  Dr. Huerta pointed out that everyone at DACC has an open door policy so we need to go to the person that we have a problem with and discuss it.  This is the climate that has been set. These mean spirited emails are contrary to this environment.  Dr. Huerta observed and was glad that others have been posting some positive things as well. As the leadership we are transparent.  This kind of thing is very problematic.  We are looking at what we can do.  NMSU has some email lists that have to be subscribed to such as the ABCD list.  Mr. Gordon mentioned that this is a fine line between solving this and freedom of speech.  He believes that some of these are tests just to see if will infringe on freedom of speech. Mr. Burke mentioned that he is not concerned about this.  Dr. Huerta has received emails requesting something be done about this, at this time she is checking on policy. At this time we do not have policy regarding this. Dr. Huerta asked everyone to watch themselves as leaders and not engage in this.  Again use the open door policy, we are very transparent and open.

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Ms. Kongs shared that Mike Adams is excited about coming to our division meeting on Tuesday. Civil drafting is working with international boundaries to work on a 2 year project on tomography surveying.  They will present at the San Diego conference.  The students will be presenting.

Informational Item

Evelyn Hobbs: On April 5th there will be an active shooter EMS response demonstration on Central campus from 12 to 2.  This is an exciting opportunity to see how well we are prepared with the appropriate responses.  All actors will be in arm bands and vests so they will be identified. Everyone is invited to attend.

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Kathy Reddington: Please do the business office surveys, they are very important. We want the feedback.

Kristi Martin: Windows project most incredible thing she has seen.

Dr. Huerta: Don’t forget this month is Spring Break.

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Meeting End Time

11:30 a.m.


Next Meeting

Wednesday, April 5th, 2013, 10:00 a.m., DASR Executive Conference Room