Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Administrative Conference Room


PRESENT: Margie Huerta, Margaret Lovelace, Andy Burke, Ike Ledesma, Fred Lillibridge, John Paulman, John Walker, Bernie Piña, Lydia Bagwell, Teresa Brandon, Sylvia Nickerson, Tammy Welch, Carmen Aguilera-Goerner, Bill Glenn, Meg Haines, Fred Owensby, Susana Rodriguez, Mozella Garcia, Luly Valencia-Glenn, Lori Allen, Doris Gleason, Kathy Reddington, Gladys Chairez, Brad Mazdra, Becky Orduñez, Rosa DeLaTorre-Burmeister, Rosalina Contreras, and Denise Lilley (recorder)

ABSENT:  Ken Tellez, Susan Roberts, Kristian Chervenock, Nancy Ritter, Ben Altamirano, Richard Derouen

GUESTS:  Jennifer Amis


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Meeting Start Time

10:10 a.m.


Dr. Huerta noted a good morning to everyone. She also reminded everyone of the Strategic Planning Retreat this afternoon.

Informational Item

1 - Approval of June 9, 2010, Minutes-Dr. Huerta

Dr. Huerta indicated that everyone has a week to review the minutes, and send changes to Irene Montoya.

Please look over and let Irene know any changes.  You have a week.

2 – Early College High School- Dr. Huerta and Jennifer Amis

Dr. Huerta introduced the Early College High School (ECHS) principal, Jennifer Amis.  Dr. Huerta informed everyone that the ECHS faculty and staff had been invited to convocation and the volleyball tournament.  Dr. Huerta will introduce the ECHS faculty and staff at convocation. Jennifer Amis discussed ECHS.  Currently enrollment is at 114 students, 52% of which are 1st generation college students.  ECHS started summer 2 with a physical education course and a high school prep course. In the fall students will take OECS 101 with Tammy Broch (LCPS instructor). The students will not be co-mingling with dual credit classes this year. The ECHS is currently located in rooms 127, 129, 131, and 141.  Everyone is welcome to visit at any time. The ECHS staff has identified several curriculum tracks and is focusing on immersing students in the math and sciences.  Ms. Amis will be setting up meetings with several department chairs to discuss these curriculum tracks. Superintendant Rounds has encouraged Ms. Amis to accept students who are interested in the medical sciences and technical studies.  Currently 85% are proficient in reading, which is much higher the 40% at LCPS as a whole.  GPA was not used in the selection of these students.  ECHS extends DACC’s dual credit program.  Next year, sophomores can enroll in world history and biology dual credit course which will count for core credit.  The ECHS will only send students who are ready to dual credit classes.  The ECHS will be on our campus for one year, while the permanent facility is being built at the Arrowhead Center.  Ground breaking is to be August 11.  Ms. Amis asked for everyone’s patience as they are still working through the kinks.  Ms. Amis is very open to suggestions on how to improve the ECHS.  Dr. Huerta pointed out that there are to be more of these types of high schools to follow. Superintendent Nava at GISD is looking interested in collaborating with DACC to start an ECHS in Chaparral.  We are developing and learning with this one. Ms. Amis also indicated that all the ECHS students are wearing name placards.  If you see them wandering around the campus please ask them why, as in the first year they are not to mingle with DACC’s student population.  She also pointed out that ECHS students are coded differently in Banner than DACC’s dual credit students thanks to a new code from Dr. Lillibridge’s office which will allow for easier tracking of this population.  ECHS students will not be handled by the DACC’s Dual Credit Office.  Ms. Amis also thanked Dr. Huerta for her vision, Dr. Walker for attending all the recruiting meetings, Dr. Lovelace and Dr. Chieffo for their support.  Dr. Huerta concluded by reminding everyone to make the ECHS feel welcome.  She also pointed out that the presence of the ECHS necessitated some interesting decisions such as Liz had questioned Dr. Huerta about selling energy drinks to the ECHS students since these drinks are clearly labeled and indicate they should not be sold to anyone under 18.  Dr. Huerta had to make the decision that we would not sell these drinks to the ECHS.

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3 – PRIP- Dr. Lillibridge

Dr. Lillibridge presented a PowerPoint.  He indicated that a wealth of information exists on the Institutional Effectiveness and Planning website to assist with PRIPS planning.  When SharePoint is implemented this information will be moved to that platform.  PRIPS were one of our strong points in our accreditation process. Dr. Lillibridge that the PRIP process is:

  • biennial
  • tied to annual resource allocation process
  • tied to the 2008-12 strategic plan
  • designed to develop a two-year program and division improvement “action plans” during the first fall of the process
  • designed to annual progress reports

Dr. Lillibridge noted that all goals should flow from the DACC Mission statement: “DACC is a responsive and accessible learning-centered community college that provides educational opportunities to a diverse community of learners in support of workforce and economic development.”  Dr. Lillibridge distributed a timeline and requested that everyone focus on the 2011-2013 column as this is the new PRIP cycle which starts this fall.  Dr. Lillibridge reminded everyone to complete final PRIP reports for the current 2009-2011 PRIP cycle which ends this year.  He noted we are in year 3 of our strategic plan and we are also doing 2-7 year formative evaluations of our strategic plan.  Dr. Lillibridge also reminded everyone that the objectives in the PRIP need to be tied to the budget. The idea behind this process is to dialog with your employees and ask: what did we say we were going to do and what did we actually do. The new form is designed to allow for ease of capturing the data for the Institutional research office. Please remember to use the new form that Leah sent out.

 Dr. Lillibridge reviewed the components of the PRIP form:

  • Unit Strengths: What does the unit do well, what do you celebrate, why is it a strength of the unit, and list a reason you think it is a strength.
  • Unit Concerns: What is your unit concerned about, does your unit have weaknesses, what hinders your performance, what are threats to success, strategize possible improvement activities that could deal with the concern, weakness or threat
  • Unit Action Plan: Prioritized list of at least three improvement objectives, convergent activities, list planned actions, state new resources needs (time, resources, money).  Your unit might want to think about things that do not cost money due to our economic times.  Also list performance targets and think about things you can change, describe assessment tools.
  • Planning progress reports: these are program action plan reports and are written at the end of the first year of the bi-annual process. If you did not do a plan last time it is not too late to do one now.

Dr. Lillibridge reminded everyone that training is available to assist with this process. The PRIPS are due to his office by the last day of October. Everyone should have received the 2011-2013 PRIP form that was sent on Monday. The 2009-2011 Progress report form will be sent soon.

Informational Item

PRIPS are due to Institutional Research by the last day of October. Contact Dr. Lillibridge or his staff for assistance or if you have questions regarding this process.

4 – Business Symposium – Mr.  Owensby

Mr. Owensby provided a handout of the draft agenda for the Business Symposium on August 13, 2010 at the Farm and Ranch Museum.  Dr. Huerta will be the emcee. This will be a ½ day event, with networking opportunities, and a key note speaker. Cost is $49.00 per person. There is no table price this year. Everyone must register at to provide an accurate food count.  Mr. Owensby described the agenda and indicated this event has been marketed to 1200 businesses in Sierra and Dona Ana Counties, MVEDA, chambers, social network sites and other SBDCs in other counties.  Dr. Huerta encouraged everyone to attend.

Informational Item

5 – Career Services Overview – Ms. DeLaTorre-Burmeister

Ms. DeLaTorre-Burmeister thanked Ike Ledesma and Dr. Huerta for the name change to DACC Career Services- Home of the Job Squad. She also thanked John Paulman, Gloria and Lisa for the logo and branding. Staffing at Career Services includes:

  • Viola Garcia-Administrative Assistant
  • Kevin Andrew- Placement Specialist
  • Rosa DeLaTorre-Burmeister- Coordinator

This team has the experience to relate to students. They discovered students were not seeking out Career Services until they are getting ready to graduate. Career Services is working to develop strategies to increase student involvement much earlier in their educational careers.  The staff has developed a new vision and mission statement which reads:  “To assist the student, the college and the community with the development of their employment strategies.”  Career Services is currently working with the credit divisions, ABE, MNLC, Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce, Anthony Berino Development, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, WSMR, Army Research lab, USATA, Young Pecan and presentation at the Bridge. This office emphasizes to students the importance of making a good first impression. Services include:  dressing for success (Kohl’s is offering discounts, Tienda de Jardin will offer interview suit, Dona Ana Donation center) resume development, interview preparation (including mock interviews and videotaped interviews), the job squad resource room, presentations preparation, career expos (over 400 people attended the last one with 35 employers and 5 job offers, the next one will be in south county), employment trends, and working learning programs (co-op, step programs and federal co-ops).  Career Services also offers assistance with Aggie Career Manager which currently is supporting 450 students.

Ms. DeLaTorre-Burmeister concluded her presentation by asking several trivia questions:

  • What are the three common types of resumes? Answer: functional, chronological, targeted and hybrid (which combines all three).
  • What is the unemployment rate in NM? Answer: 8.4/7.8
  • Where is Career Services?  Answer: DAMA 99

Winners received prizes. 

One question, Do you do career assessments?

Answer: Dr. Sharp’s office usually does these and reviews the results with the student.

Career Services is currently working on ABE guest accounts for Aggie Career Manager.

Informational Item

6 – Master Calendar  – Dr. Huerta

Dr. Huerta reminded everyone to provide Vicki Haggard with dates for the master calendar by July 16th.

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7 – Announcements

Ms. Carmen Aguilera-Goerner pointed out that GEC had hit a milestone of 1000 FTE on the last dashboard. Thanks to everyone.  

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Ms. Becky Ordunez reminded everyone that August 7th is Mesilla Valley Mall Recruiting event from 1-5, maybe 10-2. This is the tax free weekend and the radio station will be at this event.  Divisions are encouraged to have a table at this event.

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Mr. Ike Ledesma reminded everyone that August 14 is Freshman convocation from 9:00-1:30. He will send the division deans the schedule.

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Ms. Sylvia Duran-Nickerson informed everyone that the college transition program is showing remarkable outcomes.  Perhaps Michael Gallegos can attend a future meeting to discuss this data.

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Next Meeting

Wednesday, August 4, 10:00 a.m., ACR


Meeting End Time

11:20 a.m.