Friday, December 4, 2009

Old Library, East Mesa


PRESENT: Margie Huerta, Margaret Lovelace, Andy Burke, Ike Ledesma, Fred Lillibridge, John Paulman, Ken Tellez, Bernie Piña, Lydia Bagwell, Sylvia Nickerson, Tammy Welch, Susan Roberts, Carmen Aguilera-Goerner, Bill Glenn, Meg Haines, Fred Owensby, Susanna Rodriguez, Mozella Garcia, Kristian Chervenock, Luly Valencia-Glenn, Doris Gleason, Kathy Reddington, Ben Altamirano, Brad Mazdra, Becky Orduñez, Rosa DeLaTorre-Burmeister, Joaquin Tadeo, and Irene Montoya (recorder)

ABSENT: John Walker, Teresa Brandon, Jerry Welch, Lori Allen, Gladys Chairez, Larry Sharp, Rosalina Contreras

GUESTS:  Annja Cox for Teresa Brandon, Matt Byrnes for Jerry Welch


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Meeting Start Time

10:11 a.m.


Dr. Huerta noted a good morning to all.  Mr. Ledesma noted the roads were bad in El Paso due to the weather. There was a two hour delay for both Gadsden and Sunland Park Centers.  Dr. Huerta asked that we please be flexible and considerate with our employees.

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Dr. Huerta noted at 12:30 p.m. there will be a Molly Morris Portrait Dedication at the New Library.  There will be cake and punch.  She encouraged everyone to attend. 

Informational Item

Dr. Huerta asked the group to look out the window where Phase 5 is under construction. She has asked Ms. Reddington for a place to play volleyball when we move our convocations to East Mesa.  Having fall convocation outdoors will be a tradition.  It will not be ready for August so we will hold the last convocation at the central campus in August.  Dr. Huerta noted Phase 6 and 7 will be beside Phase 5.  Where we are now will become central administration.  The VPAA, AVPAA and President’s offices will move here.  Renovation will begin early February.  Dr. Huerta noted the next series of Round Tables will be the Government Round Table which will be held on December 18 here in this room.  As we grow, we will kick in a state-of-the-art culinary arts program.

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Dr. Huerta congratulated several staff who received awards from the National Council of Instructional Administrators (NCIA).  Adult Basic Education and staff were awarded an award for the transitions program.  Congratulations to Division Dean Nickerson and ABE staff including Ms. Burmeister.  Congratulations also to Ms. Donna Alden for the instructional leadership award.  Dr. Garcia serves on the board.  Dr. Huerta is very proud of them.

Informational Item

1 – Approval of the Minutes of October 2, 2010, and October 30, 2010 – Dr. Huerta

Dr. Huerta provided the group a few minutes to review the minutes of October 2 and October 30.  Irene will make changes to the footer on both sets of minutes.  Dr. Garcia moved to approve the minutes of October 2, 2010.  Dr. Aguilera-Goerner moved to second the motion.  All were in favor, the motion carried.  Dr. Garcia moved to approve the minutes of October 30, 2010, with the change to the first page, bottom – add Interim to Dean Brandon.  Mr. Ledesma moved to second the motion with the change.  All were in favor, the motion carried.  Irene will post on the web.

Both the minutes of October 2, 2010, and October 30, 2010, were approved with changes.  Irene will post on the web.

4 – Request for Reimbursement and Lack of Agenda – Dr. Huerta

Dr. Huerta noted Ms. Connie Melendez sent an e-mail to everyone regarding adding agendas to travel requests.  When travelling, whether local or not, a copy of the agenda is needed.  Please submit agenda with your paperwork. 

Informational Item

Dr. Huerta thanked everyone for getting the inventory done by the first deadline.  This is the first time ever.  Please thank your staff that you designated to the do the inventory for your departments/units. 

Informational Item

5 – Overtime Report  – Ms. Gleason

Ms. Gleason noted the NMSU HR Office is sending a report of everyone who has gone 10% above that pay period in overtime.  This is due to the big audit of OFS.  This report is given to the supervisor for approval.  This is kept in a file.  Please take a moment to look over and return.  Ms. Reddington asked if they could be given more time to respond.  Ms. Gleason noted extra time will be given to Ms. Reddington.  She thanked everyone for their assistance.

Please take the time to look over the overtime reports, sign and return.

6 – Conflict of Interest Form – Ms. Gleason

Ms. Gleason noted she recently sent out an email to employees who had not submitted the conflict of interest form.  If you did submit and received an email, please let her know.  If you did not submit, please do so.  This is an NMSU policy that the conflict of interest form be completed annually.  The form is electronic.  Please let her know if you have any questions or concerns.  Ms. Gleason noted the deadline to submit is December 9.  Ms. Orduñez asked if new employees had within 30 days of hire to complete.  Ms. Gleason answered yes.

If you have not submitted a conflict of interest form, please do so by December 9, 2009.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let Ms. Gleason know.


7 – Performance Evaluations – Ms. Gleason

Ms. Gleason asked everyone to start thinking about performance evaluations.  She will have information to handout at the February Admin Council meeting.  The deadline will probably be middle of March.  Please start your planning.  Dr. Lillibridge asked if there would be any changes from last year.  Ms. Gleason answered as of today, no.  Dr. Huerta asked the group to start thinking about this and start getting ready.  It will be here before we know it.  Dr. Huerta also reminded everyone that employees get their review after the 2nd reviewer signs the evaluation.  Ms. Gleason added both signatures (supervisor, 2nd reviewer) must be on the evaluation before it is reviewed with the employee.

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2 – FY 2010 Budget – Dr. Huerta/Mr. Burke

Dr. Huerta noted there are additional cuts to the budget and that more cuts are anticipated.  This was talked about at Exec and it was decided to not hold the preliminary budget hearings.  Mr. Burke noted he was still formulating, but we will have a budget process.  This fiscal year, the cut was 4% or approximately $800,000.  As we look at the 2010-11 fiscal year, we are expecting $800,000 to be taken off.  The Higher Education Department’s recommendation to the Governor is that enrollment growth be recognized, but reduced.  If the workload is recognized and put into the recommendation, it would offset the $800,000, at best.  The college would be even.  Mr. Burke noted the best case scenario, for this year’s budget, is the college would be even.  Apart from that, we have tuition revenue.  The college did have more enrollments this year than what we projected.  We do have excess revenue to build into next year’s budget; however, we have expenditures:  bad debt expenses which we will have meetings on (result of banner doing a more appropriate job of reporting) and other expenditures.  Mr. Burke noted we do not expect new monies for new positions.  If more is taken out, we will need to cover the costs.  We will continue to ask you to spend wisely.  There has been a reduction in spending and along with tuition revenue, this is helping.  The goal is to not cut budget including positions.  Mr. Burke noted this is why Exec thought having the preliminary budget hearings was premature.  He also noted that we will have budget hearings.  Mr. Burke added that after he and Dr. Huerta talk, we will send something out.  He would like the credit divisions, in essence, budget their schedule for Exec.  Whether we allow for new faculty positions will be a factor.  The schedule will create cost.  Mr. Burke noted the Budget Committee will provide input.  Dr. Garcia asked if travel is in their budget can they use.  Dr. Huerta answered yes you can use.  We are asking that you monitor and if you went out-of-state last year, we are asking you not to this year.  Mr. Burke added that the $1,375 for travel may not seem like a lot, but compared to other community college, it is.  The college is intending to protect that.  Dr. Lillibridge asked if the college anticipates 9-10% cuts.  Mr. Burke answered we will not know until the Legislative sessions starts.  We will still have to save the $800,000 and we still need to be conservative.  Mr. Burke noted this could get worse.  Ms. Nickerson asked if the college’s hopes were to have the $800,000 in savings to cover.  Mr. Burke answered that we are asking everyone to spend on what’s needed only.  We are also asking that we not do one-time expenditures.  The alternative will be to cut everyone’s budget.  He does not want to do that unless recommended by Exec Team.  Dr. Huerta noted that all vacant positions are being reviewed and decisions are being made on a case-by-case basis.

Please continue to spend wisely.

3 – Moratorium/ Hiring Freeze – Dr. Huerta

Dr. Huerta noted NMSU was imposing a moratorium effective December 1, 2010.  If you have any positions open, they will be frozen.  If you need an exception, justification will need to be given.  Ms. Nickerson asked if there was a process to follow.  Dr. Huerta answered the justification will go through the Exec Team and Exec Team will review and make a decision.  Ms. Nickerson noted there were several administrative positions open.  Dr. Huerta noted yes, the VPAA and the Division Dean for Health.  Those positions are open.  Ms. Nickerson asked if this would impact grants.  Dr. Huerta answered no.  Dr. Huerta noted she would be traveling to Santa Fe for the Legislative Finance Committee’s (LFC) higher education hearing on Monday.  The number one request is to keep the workload funding.  The LFC, as of today, has not set the agenda for the hearing.  Dr. Huerta noted the good news for us is that we sit better than any other university or community college in the State.  No cuts in positions.  Dr. Huerta asked Ms. Cox to share this information with the Budget Committee.  Dr. Piña asked if this would affect facilities.  Mr. Burke answered this is not affecting our facilities.  Dr. Garcia asked about Chaparral.  Mr. Burke answered Chaparral is a challenge but the funding is there.   Dr. Huerta noted Phase 5 is well under construction.  Mr. Burke added that proposals for the loop here at East Mesa have been received and will soon award the project.  There will be more activity here.  Mr. Ledesma asked about the food vendor for East Mesa.  Dr. Huerta answered that none had been chosen yet.  It is expensive for some small vendors and it would be nice to have someone local.  Mr. Burke added that this would be looked at again.    

Informational Item

8 – Announcements

Dr. Lillibridge noted a survey for the strategic plan had been sent out.  He would appreciate you taking the time to fill out.

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Dr. Lillibridge noted the Assessment Conference is a high quality deal for the price.  It’s February 25-26 in Albuquerque.  The hotel is $81/night.

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Dr. Huerta noted the big party tomorrow night.  The DACC Christmas Party at 7:30 p.m. at the Ramada Inn.  Mr. Altamirano noted the event was sold out.

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Mr. Owensby noted they have a new person from Chicago to handle procurement.  His name is Mr. William Hett-Dodricky.  He will help businesses that want to work with the government.

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Dr. Glenn noted him and Dr. Aguilera-Goerner attended a meeting in Berino.  One of the things that came up was they want the community college to be part of their job fair.  Dr. Aguilera-Goerner noted a Career Fair in Sunland Park will be held in the spring.  As we develop, we will have stronger relationships.  A small discussion followed on road conditions and the weather and the commanders at WSMR.  Dr. Huerta noted the new General gave a military update at the Las Cruces Chamber luncheon.  It looks like more people are coming.

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Dr. Aguilera-Goerner noted she met with the Anthony Chamber of Commerce and she also met with the warden from La Tuna. 

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Irene noted the list of 2010 Admin Council meetings will be sent out before Winter Break.

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Dr. Huerta reminded everyone of the Holiday Coffee hosted by the Academic Office on December 14 from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. in the ACR.

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Dr. Huerta noted she would like to start a series of training/professional development for this group.  This is a golden opportunity, as a group, to use part of the two hours.

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Dr. Huerta noted the Spring 2010 Convocation would be held on Thursday, January 7. 

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Dr. Huerta noted she would like to start a dialogue with the deans at NMSU where we can look at specific issues like transfer issues and problems our students are still facing.  The meetings would include division deans, program directors, and department chairs.  A dialogue needs to happen; face-to-face discussions with relevant people.  Dr. Huerta added that another Round Up would be held in the spring.  We have an opportunity with the new president.  President Couture has been invited to convocation and Dr. Huerta has requested to meet with her before the Legislative session.  We hope to have a good relationship with new leadership.

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Dr. Lovelace noted one of the problems we are having is the override issue.  There is a concern that classes are too large.  Right now, the instructor can approve overrides.  Dr. Lovelace is encouraging contact with at least the department chair/program director or the division dean.  We need to make sure that there are enough chairs.  Please share this message with your divisions.  Ms. Roberts noted that NMSU Deans have the authority to put students into our courses, especially three weeks into an eight week course.  Dr. Huerta recommended Dr. Lovelace bring up at the ADAC meeting as a friendly reminder.  A small discussion followed.

Dr. Lovelace would like override to be approved by department chairs/program directors or division deans.

Dr. Huerta noted we would start looking at the policy requirements of faculty who teach on-line courses.  Are they physically on campus?  Office hours?  Beyond office hours?  She will start working with Ms. Gleason and discussions will be needed.

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Dr. Huerta has asked Dr. Lillibridge to give an update on the Swirling Report at the January meeting.  The report was put together by a task force at NMSU.

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Dr. Lillibridge requested an agenda item sometime on computer security and ICT.  Mr. Burke noted Ms. Allen will work with them.

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Next Meeting

Irene will send a list of the 2010 Administrative Council Meetings before Winter Break.


Meeting End Time

11:27 a.m.