Wednesday, July 1, 2009

10:00 a.m., Academic Resources Building Room 107 (East Mesa)


PRESENT: Margie Huerta, Andy Burke, Ike Ledesma, John Paulman, Ken Tellez, John Walker, Bernie Piña, Teresa Brandon, Jerry Welch, Sylvia Nickerson, Tammy Welch, Susan Roberts, Carmen Aguilera-Goerner, Meg Haines, Susana Rodriguez, Kristian Chervenock, Lori Allen, Kelly Brooks, Doris Gleason, Kathy Reddington, Gladys Chairez, Brad Mazdra, Becky Orduñez, and Irene Montoya (recorder)

ABSENT: Fred Lillibridge, Anna Chieffo, Lydia Bagwell, David Pearse, Bill Glenn, Fred Owensby, Mozella Garcia, Luly Valencia-Glenn, Ben Altamirano, Larry Sharp, Joaquin Tadeo

GUESTS:  Rose Mary Flores for Mozella Garcia, Frank Smith


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Meeting Start Time

10:06 a.m.


Dr. Huerta noted a good morning to everyone and a happy fourth of July.  She noted the Strategic Plan Implementation Team met right before this meeting.  They meet before Admin Council every month.  The Team meets on the progress being made on the Strategic Plan and what we are doing strategically to improve the college.  Dr. Huerta noted an update would be given at Convocation. 

Informational Item

The Future of DACC is the theme for Convocation.  Dr. Huerta noted how beautiful this facility is.  Ms. Welch will be the official tour guide.  The building includes General Studies and a kitchen.  The RFP for the kitchen will be out soon.  We hope to get a local restaurant to provide food services instead of a national chain.  Dr. Huerta noted on Thursday, August 27, we will hold the ribbon cutting from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.  Mr. Tellez will be working on this. 

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Dr. Huerta also noted that guidelines, consistent with NMSU, is being developed to address areas with lots of clutter.  The facility walls seem to be getting more crowded. 

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Dr. Huerta introduced Dr. Carmen Aguilera-Goerner as the new Director of Gadsden and Sunland Park Centers.  Her official start date is today.  Dr. Huerta noted the expectation will be to offer full programs (start to finish) at our satellite centers.  This will be one of the priorities – define and design at each satellite.  Mr. Ledesma introduced Mr. Frank Smith, who will be the new PRIMOS advisor.  He comes to us from Portland Community College and he will report to Mr. Mazdra.  Mr. Smith noted he was glad and excited to be here.  He loves working with community colleges where students feel welcomed and people are friendly.  He will work with developmental ABE students, helping them transition on to the next step.  Please call him if you have any questions. 

Information Item

1 – Approval of the Minutes of May 1, 2009, and June 3, 2009  – Dr. Huerta

Dr. Huerta requested a motion to approve the minutes of May 1, 2009, and June 3, 2009.  Mr. Ledesma moved to approve the minutes of May 1, 2009, and June 3, 2009.  Dr. Walker seconded the motion.  All were in favor, the motion carried.  Irene will post on the web.

The minutes of May 1, 2009, and June 3, 2009, were approved.  Irene will post on web.

2 – Freshman Convocation – Mr. Ledesma

Mr. Ledesma noted the Freshman Convocation will be held on Saturday, August 15 with the same format as last year (9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.).  All new freshmen will be invited to attend.  Student Services staff will be there as well as Dr. Huerta.  This will give freshman an idea of who everyone is.  They will also feel more welcomed.  This will be limited to the student and one parent.  Mr. Ledesma noted the weekend before this is the tax free weekend.  KGRT, K-HOT and the Spanish station will be broadcasting DACC.  DACC will have a booth at Mesilla Valley Mall from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.  Admissions and financial aid will be represented.  Everyone is welcomed to join.  Dr. Huerta noted this should be a fun time and to please send reps from the different divisions.  A small discussion followed.

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3 – Convocation  – Dr. Huerta

Mr. Ledesma noted there was 8 teams signed up for the volleyball tournament:  General Studies, Student Services, Facilities, Business Office, B&I, Computer Support, Health (all women), and Technical Studies.  He needs the name of the team and the team captain.  Dr. Huerta noted every fall we will do this.  All part-time faculty will be invited.  Lunch will be BBQ sandwiches and there will be music.  Get ready to have fun.  Dr. Huerta noted Interim President Manuel Pacheco will be there.

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4 – Introduction of Dr. Carmen Aguilera-Goerner  – Dr. Huerta

Introduction was made in agenda item 1.


5 – East Mesa Center Ribbon Cutting  – Dr. Huerta

This was announced in agenda item 1.


6 – Procedures on Non-Exempt Staff Teaching  – Ms. Gleason

Dr. Huerta asked Ms. Gleason to give an update on the procedures.  Ms. Gleason also gave the update to ALT.  Ms. Gleason noted back in November, NMSU no longer allowed us to hire non-exempt staff to teach.  She provided the group with the approved procedures for hiring non-exempt staff to teach.  She noted there would be no exceptions to the procedures. 

Please see procedures below immediately following minutes.

Ms. Gleason noted for SSI, paper time sheets will need to be done.  If prior approval given for SSII, should be able to do time sheets on-line.  Ms. Gleason asked that you work with your HR liaison.  Ms. Nickerson noted her concern that a person doing the same job will be getting paid less.  Ms. Gleason noted she would take concern to NMSU and see what they say.  Mr. Burke noted we are doing it in the interpretation of the Fair Labor Act.  This is the first time NMSU is addressing this issue.  Arguments were made, but this is what has been approved.  Mr. Burke asked that employees experience this, let employees become aware and see if this might help us change in the future.  Ms. Gleason noted it was this or nothing.  This will allow us to continue.  Dr. Huerta noted this had been brought to the group several months ago and we went round and round with NMSU.  We take this or not hire non-exempt staff to teach.  Mr. Burke added that we want staff to meet qualifications and not teach during the day.  Mr. Welch noted his appreciation to the college working on this.  Ms. Gleason noted if you are not sure or have questions please let her know.  Dr. Huerta reminded everyone that prior approval will be needed and to please use the proper form.  Mr. Burke suggested a form review. 

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7 – Faculty Overload Revised Policy – Ms. Gleason

Mr. Burke noted the college implemented a faculty overload policy for the first time this fall.  Changes were made.  Please see Faculty Overload Compensation Policy below (after non-exempt procedures).  Before, 33% over academic year was allowed for overload.  We are now allowing 20% over academic year for overloads.  Mr. Burke noted that faculty workload at a college or university was the most complicated thing to compensate across divisions.  The overload has given General Studies a huge advantage because of prep and classroom instruction.  This past year, 80% of faculty paid for overloads were from General Studies.  Mr. Burke noted the policy is approved year by year.  Mr. Burke noted he would be happy to meet with faculty who have any questions.  Ms. Brandon asked if this included summer.  Mr. Burke answered summer is different and a policy is already in place.

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8 – 911 Phone Calls – Ms. Allen

Dr. Huerta asked Ms. Allen to discuss the June 10 e-mail.  Ms. Allen noted that the new phone system has capabilities of displaying the room location when a 911 call is made.  This is only for main and East Mesa.  This is being worked on as we speak.  Ms. Allen noted that the advice from the NMSU Deputy Chief is to do the following with all 911 calls:

Ø  State emergency

Ø  Give specific location

Ø  State phone number

Ø  Brief description

Ø  Send someone out for directions

Mr. Burke added this was a big improvement than what we had.  Dr. Huerta thanked Ms. Allen and her staff.  Ms. Brandon suggested placards of what number you are calling from be placed next to phone.  Ms. Allen noted they are working on what the numbers are for the classrooms.  Dr. Walker asked about intercom.  Ms. Allen noted this was also being worked on and also alerts.

Informational Item

9 – Bond Sale – Mr. Burke

Mr. Burke noted a $10 million bond was recently sold.  The college should get the money on July 21.  The interest rate is 3.25% which is great.  We may be able to sell the other $10 million earlier.  Mr. Burke noted that at the last meeting, we talked about space assignments.  They are being finalized and a notice will be sent out.  Where we are still tight, it will be evaluated.   Mr. Burke noted we received a successful bid for the Gadsden project.  Will start in a month or so.  The bookstore at East Mesa will open on time.  The Hatch and Chaparral Centers will be similar to what we have at Gadsden and Sunland Park.

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10 – Tour of Academic Resources Building

Mr. Burke noted this building is about 50,000 square feet with 11 classrooms, a food service area, a bookstore and 30 offices.  This is about the same size as phase 1.  Upstairs includes an open lab, the library, and the student success center.  The old library and computer lab will be renovated for central administration.  Should be completed by fall 2010.  Two current classrooms in phase 1 will be renovated for student services.  Ms. Brandon asked if a classroom here at East Mesa could be used by her division.  Dr. Huerta asked that she talk to Dr. Chieffo about the request. 

Informational Item

Ms. Haines noted the upcoming 2009 Business Owners Symposium is scheduled for Friday, July 17.  Dr. Glenn will be the master of ceremonies.  It will be $89 for a full day.

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Dr. Aguilera-Goerner thanked everyone for the welcome and looks forward to working with the divisions on programming.

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Next Meeting

Friday, August 7, 2009, 10:00 a.m., ACR


Meeting End Time

11:33 a.m. followed by a tour