Friday, May 1, 2009

10:00 a.m., ACR


Present:  Margie Huerta, Anna Chieffo, Andy Burke, Ike Ledesma, Fred Lillibridge, John Walker, Ken Tellez, Brad Mazdra, Terry Mount, Lydia Bagwell, Fred Owensby, Mike Adams, Kathy Reddington, Meg Haines, Doris Gleason, Kelly Brooks, Bernard Pina, Lori Allen, Mozella Garcia, Tammy Welch, Susan Roberts, John Paulman, Luly Valencia-Glenn, Bill Glenn, Becky Ordunez, Larry Sharp, Ben Altamirano, Sylvia Nickerson, Susana Rodriguez

Absent: Ray Diaz, Jerry Welch, Kristian Chervenock, Gladys Chairez, Irene Montoya,

Guests: Sylvia Acosta, Liz Ellis


Agenda Item



Meeting Start Time

10:05 a.m.

Dr. Chieffo noted a good morning to everyone and indicated that Dr. Huerta was at an off-campus meeting and would be attending shortly.

Information Item

1. Approval of the minutes of March 6, 2009 and April 3, 2009

March 6, 2009:

Dr. Walker moved to approve, Dr. Sharp seconded

April 3, 2009

Dr. Walker moved to approve, Dr. Lillibridge seconded

Minutes approved.

2.  Fund Raising 101

Fund Raising 101

Ms. Sylvia Acosta gave a presentation on Fund Raising 101.  The following are highlights from the PowerPoint presentation:

Why Necessary?

   CCs receive .5 to 5% of all private giving

   CCs enroll more economically disadvantaged


Requires: Planning, commitment, clear goals & objectives, communication, team

         approach, reputation and ethics

Everyone plays an important part (person, ask

   amount, request, timing) goals & objectives

   should be comprehensive

Leadership: “There is no greater strength in a

   fundraising campaign than a board ready and

   willing to lead.  There is no greater weakness than

   one in which sees fundraising as someone else’s


Leadership must be versed in fundraising objective

   for organization and each donor

         Admin & Deans of DACC should dedicate

         time to fundraising efforts

         identify, meet, introduction to potential


Administration should develop priorities for the

    development committee

Development Office creates a cultivation,

   solicitation and stewardship plan

Everyone MUST know and believe in the

   fundraising objectives



Who makes the ask?

   Deans or faculty members that are uncomfortable

         should NOT make ask, but go on calls

   Development Office provides all necessary

         information to leadership to make the call

Four-year universities

   Donors affected by Alumni Status

   Donors affected by Hierarchy: contact with

         President of University


   Donors not affected by Alumni Status

   Donors more motivated by belief in institutional


   Donors more motivated on making an impact on


   Student centered program

   Directed asks, targeted at specific populations

         (tailored) is critical

Establish Fundraising Priorities

Determine the Story

Engage faculty

   Campus Campaign

         participation rates of faculty members is


Case Statement

   review for student centered content and general

         emotional appeal

Start setting up meetings

   be patient


   make sure you have the right person, right time,

          right amount, right project

   you should script the conversation

Sylvia Y. Acosta

   (575) 646-4917,

Sylvia Nickerson asked if it should be a team approach for the ask.  Sylvia Acosta responded it depended upon the donor.


Ken Tellez indicated his office is developing a case statement, and needs a list of priorities from everyone’s departments, which will then be approved by the Exec Team.  Please email priorities to Ken Tellez within the next few weeks.


Information Item

3.  Budget Presentation

Andy Burke summarized 09-10 Budget using a PowerPoint presentation (attached):

Mr. Burke gave a summary of the funding formula and the legislative results.  The total state appropriation is $741,900.  Mr. Burke also noted that $500,000 was built into the budget to fund the schedule.  There will be no salary increases and tuition will increase from $50 to $53 per credit hour.  Mr. Burke showed the group a slide of tuition increases the past 10 years.  New faculty and staff positions include: 

Faculty --  Dental Hygiene

Exempt Staff -- Coordinator, Assessment (0.5 FTE) and Coordinator, Security

Non-Exempt Staff -- Custodians (3 FTE) and Security Guards (7 FTE)

Due to the economic situation, many new positions requested were not funded.  Mr. Burke noted the following were possible future commitments:

Faculty – Manufacturing, Physical Therapy, Licensed Practical Nurse (2 FTE), and Nursing Assistant (2 FTE)

Exempt Staff -- Advisor Nursing and Coordinator, DOL Project

Mr. Burke noted the total new money available is $1,973,183.  This total will come from tuition/fees, state appropriation, local tax levy, other revenue, and non-recurring expenditures.  The base expenditure adjustments will include compensation adjustments, previous commitments, university overhead, and other adjustments.   The new allocated expenditures include instruction, academic support, student services, institutional support, and physical plant.  Mr. Burke noted the $54.5 million budget is from state (44.3%), federal (30.3%) and tuition (15.6%).  The use of these funds is 65.3% for instruction & general, 30.4% for student aid, 1.8% for auxiliary enterprises, 1.9% for public service and .5% for student activities.  Ms. Nickerson asked if the Business Office would provide letter indicating 09-10 budget.  Mr. Burke indicated yes, but after the budget was approved by the board. 

Informational Item


4.  Announcements/Other

Ike Ledesma

DACC Commencement at 8:00 May 8.  Lunch for Volunteers.  Reception immediately following.


Dr. Huerta

Board Meeting is an open meeting.

NMSU Admin Team, Monday May 4 @10:00

   Conflicts with VPAA interview, NMSU President’s Office would not allow filming of event

Searches: please attend VPAA, GS Dean


Kelly Brooks

Cognos Training

   for all deans directors, department chairs: 

   May 20 8:00-10:30, June 11 8:30-10:30

   Should be receiving an email next week


Lori Allen

   Phone training – May 14,15 (tentative)

   Lori will send an email



Next Meeting

Not Announced


Meeting Adjourned

11:17 a.m.