Friday, July 11, 2008

10:00 a.m., ACR


PRESENT: Margie Huerta, Andy Burke, Ike Ledesma, John Walker, Carmen Aguilera-Goerner, Sylvia Nickerson, John Paulman, Lori Allen, Doris Gleason, Kathy Reddington, David Pearse, Jerry Welch, J.B. Carrica, Susana Rodriguez, Mozella Garcia, Fred Lillibridge, Tammy Welch, Kelly Brooks, Ben Altamirano, Brad Mazdra, Becky Orduñez, Larry Sharp, and Vicki Haggard (recorder)

ABSENT: Anna Chieffo, Susan Roberts, Bill Glenn, Fred Owensby, Lydia Bagwell, Ken Tellez, David Twitty, Meg Haines, and Gladys Chairez

GUESTS: Jon Juarez for Lydia Bagwell


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Meeting Start Time

10:03 a.m.


Dr. Huerta noted a good morning to the group.  She thanked the group for those who attended the Small Business Entrepreneur Symposium.  She thanked the group for mingling with the small business owners at the symposium.

Informational Item

1 – Approval of the Minutes of June 6, 2008 – Dr. Huerta

Since the minutes were sent to the group late on 7/10/08, Dr. Huerta asked the group to review them and send edits to Irene no later than Friday, 7/18/08.  Irene will make any edits, and the minutes will be presented at the next meeting for approval.

Please send edits to the June 6, 2008 minutes to Irene by July 18, 2008.

2 – Development Activities – Dr. Huerta

Dr. Huerta announced the following two development activities scheduled for the Fall 2008 semester. 

a. “An Evening of Art” – Featuring Amado Pena – September 11, 2008.  Dr. Huerta pointed out the attached “save the date” flyer to the group.  Dr. Huerta will also incorporate the DACC 35th Anniversary with this event.  Dr. Huerta will invite current and past executive officers to attend.  There were approximately 13 regional artists featured last year.  Dr. Huerta hopes to increase that significantly.  Mr. Pena provided 5 prints for us to choose from this year.  The prints were placed on the overhead projector for the group to view.  The group voted on which print they preferred and the majority of the group chose #6381 (pueblos, ladders and women).

b. 6th Annual Celebrity Fund Raising – Golf Tournament and Dance – October 17, 2008, Sonoma Ranch Golf Course.  Dr. Huerta pointed out the attached “save the date” flyer to the group.  Dr. Huerta is hoping to increase participation in this event also.


DACC is participating in a fund raising program.  If we raise $90,000 over the next 3 years, the Higher Education Department (HED) will give us $300,000 towards endowments/scholarships.  Dr. Huerta, Mr. Burke and Ms. Brooks have already placed non-designated funds towards this program and plan for the proceeds of this event to go towards this goal also.  If we do not raise the $90,000, HED will still match our efforts (approximately double or a little more).  Mr. Burke foresees these endowments/scholarships generally helping the Bridge students.

Informational Items

3 – Office Space – Ms. Reddington

Ms. Reddington provided the group a handout showing the new positions at DACC for the 08-09 year and possible office assignments.  Dr. Huerta asked that the group please share this information with individuals in their areas/divisions/departments.  Facilities Support is converting some storage space into office space and we are still short office space for all the new positions.  Ms. Reddington has met with deans and appropriate supervisors to create a plan to house all of the new employees.  Ms. Reddington mentioned that no work orders are required for these moves as she has already created plans with the deans/immediate supervisors.  Dr. Huerta thanked the group for working cooperatively with Facilities Support and for being willing to absorb the additional employees in their area and even possibly losing office/storage space.  Dr. Huerta noted to the group that the Technical Studies/Trades area is not being used as office/storage space as it will be undergoing renovations during the Fall 2008 semester.  Mr. Burke did express that the Technical Studies division is in good shape for the future with regards to office space.  He also mentioned that when the Arts & Humanities and English & Communications departments move to the East Mesa Campus (approximately Fall 09) that will free up office space at the Las Cruces Campus.  Divisions need to begin thinking about how they might feel most comfortable “splitting up” their faculty/departments.  Ms. Allen, Computer Support Director, mentioned that the new computers for the new faculty have already been ordered and a lot of them have already arrived.  Dr. Huerta asked the group to work cooperatively and quickly with Ms. Reddington and Ms. Allen to get office spaces, computers and telephones set up for the new faculty/staff.    

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4 – New Cover for the Employee Handbook – Ms. Gleason

Ms. Gleason presented the group with the 6 DACC Employee Handbook covers that were all designed by the digital graphics students.  The group looked at the 6 different covers and then voted – Cover #5 had the majority of the votes.  The new handbook will be distributed at the Fall 2008 Convocation.

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5 – New Employee Background Screenings – Ms. Gleason

Ms. Gleason presented to the group the presentation that NMSU gave on the new employee background screenings.  Ms. Gleason provided handouts which included the NMSU power point presentation, the policies/procedures related to the screenings, the process flowchart, and the Background Check Release/Request Form. This new policy is effective July 1, 2008 and pertains to all new regular employees.  NMSU-HR will cover the cost of background checks on all new regular employees.  Whether or not new student and temporary employees require a background check will depend on their job duties.  Discussion was held regarding whether or not all part-time faculty will be required to have background checks done.  Mr. Burke suggested that we as an institution need to make a decision/policy regarding background checks for part-time faculty.  The DACC-HR office will cover the cost for background checks on part-time faculty.  The majority of the group decided that it would be a good idea to have a “blanket policy” to conduct background checks on all part-time faculty.  The results of the background checks will take between 48-72 hours to process.  The cost of the background checks is between $34.50-$75.00 depending on the type of background check being processed.  Current regular employees are “grandfathered” in unless they change jobs.  Ms. Gleason will be working with Dr. Chieffo and Dr. Walker to meet with the hiring secretaries in each division to update them on the new policy.  Please contact Ms. Gleason with any questions you might have. 

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6 – Announcements / Other

Dr. Sharp reminded the group that October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month. 

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Ms. Aguilera-Goerner provided the group a handout of an article in the Las Cruces Sun News featuring Glenn Schwaiger, DACC full-time faculty.

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Ms. Nickerson reminded the group that 22 scholarships will be awarded to ABE students on Wednesday, 7/16/08.

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Mr. Ledesma provided an update on the Freshman Convocation which will be held on Saturday, August 9, 2008.  Mr. Ledesma announced that they sent out approximately 1050 invitations.  Ms. Brooks asked if it would be beneficial to have the DACC Cashiers Office open on this day.  Mr. Ledesma agreed that it would be helpful to have the cashiers office open from during the lunch time 11:30 am - 1:00 pm.  Dr. Huerta would like to know the demographics of the group attending the convocation.  Dr. Lillibridge will provide that report to Dr. Huerta.

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Dr. Huerta reminded the group to get their 1973 pictures to Rod Santos by August 1, 2008. 

1973 pictures to Rod by 8/1/08

Dr. Huerta reminded the group to look at the calendar of events listed at the bottom of the agenda

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Next Meeting

Friday, August 1, 2008, 10:00 a.m., ACR


Meeting End Time

11:20 a.m.