Friday, July 7, 2006
10:00 a.m., ACR

PRESENT: Margie Huerta, Corina Gardea, Andy Burke, Ike Ledesma, John Walker, Sylvia Nickerson, Molly Morris, Carolyn VanderGiesen, J.B. Carrica, Susan Roberts, Fred Owensby, John Paulman, Lori Allen, Kelly Brooks, Larry Sharp, Tim Chappell, Irene Montoya (recorder)

ABSENT: Fred Lillibridge, Anna Chieffo, Jerry Welch, Bill Glenn, Susana Rodriguez, Kathy Reddington, Kathe Stark, Gladys Chairez

GUESTS: Gregg Hammond for Carmen Aguilera-Goerner, Janie Pence for Gladys Chairez

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Meeting Start Time 10:05 a.m.

Dr. Huerta welcomed everyone. Dr. Huerta noted the new CEO at Mountain View Regional Hospital is Ms. Karen Springer and the new Superintendent for Las Cruces Public Schools is Dr. Sonia Diaz. She met all the candidates for the Superintendent position during the recent search. Dr. Huerta plans to meet with Ms. Springer and Dr. Diaz. Also, Dr. Huerta recently met with Mr. Dane Kennon, Superintendent for Hatch Valley Public Schools. A meeting with all three Superintendents will be planned.

Informational Item
1 - Approval of the Minutes for June 2, 2006 - Dr. Huerta Dr. Huerta asked for motion to approve the minutes of June 2, 2006. It was noted that there was not enough time to look over the minutes and it was suggested the group be given more time. Dr. Huerta asked that changes, etc. be given to Irene by July 17. Dr. Huerta noted that both she and Irene would be on annual leave next week and that Ms. Merlinda Pacheco and the CEO work-study, Mr. Andrew Montoya, would be covering the front office. Please look over minutes of June 2, 2006, and let Irene know changes by July 17.
2 - NMSU Board of Regents - Dr. Huerta a. Retreat
The NMSU Board of Regents will be having their annual retreat on July 17 - 18. For the first time ever, the branch community colleges have been asked to present to the Regents at their retreat. The branch CEOs will each give a short presentation on their colleges. Dr. Huerta will include the following in her presentation: capital projects, fund raising efforts, college efforts, workforce efforts, and common themes among community colleges. Dr. Huerta will also include NMACC's Meeting Our Missions, college affordability act which has received lots for support from the Governor and Legislature, dual credit, and the AA degree on-line. If you think of anything that is critical for Dr. Huerta to include, please let her know.

b. Meeting at DABCC, September 8, 2006
The NMSU Board of Regents will be having their September 8 meeting here at DACC. The Regents are looking into inviting the UNM Board of Regents for a joint meeting. They are also requesting to meet with the Advisory Boards of each branch community college.

Let Dr. Huerta know of any critical issues/information to add to her presentation to the Regents.

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3 - NMACC Staff Update - Dr. Huerta a. Frank Renz Retiring
Dr. Huerta announced that Dr. Frank Renz would be retiring as the Executive Director of New Mexico Association of Community Colleges (NMACC).

b. New Executive Director, Mr. Ty Trujillo
Mr. Ty Trujillo has been appointed the new Executive Director of NMACC. Dr. Renz has agreed to help with the transition

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4 - Update on Searches - Dr. Huerta Dr. Huerta asked Dr. Gardea to update the group on the on-going searches. Dr. Gardea noted there were 18 searches. Eleven have completed their interviews with Dr. Huerta, two have been re-posted, and one has been extended. The others are moving along. Mr. Ledesma noted the Advising Coordinator position is underway with interviews scheduled the week of July 24.

Dr. Huerta congratulated Mr. Ledesma for being selected the new Campus Student Services Officer. She thanked Mr. John Walker for chairing the CSSO Committee. It was done quickly and professionally.

Mr. Burke noted Ms. Connie Melendrez has been hired to replace Ms. Clorinda Barela and will start August 1. She comes to us from the College of Arts & Sciences Dean's office. Ms. Barela will continue to work part-time until Ms. Melendrez comes on board.
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5 - Community College CEO/CAO Retreat Update - Dr. Huerta a. Community College P&T Guideline & Procedures
Both Drs. Huerta and Gardea attended the recent CEO / CAO Retreat with Executive VP/Provost Flores. Dr. Huerta noted that it was decided last year that the branch community colleges would create a common document for promotion and tenure guidelines and procedures with consistent criteria for rank and tenure. Currently all four community colleges are different. Dr. Huerta noted one faculty member selected by Faculty Council and one faculty member selected by administration will serve on a committee to work on the new promotion and tenure guideline and procedures. She will get with Mr. Chappell on this. This year's branch roundup will be used as the starting point.

b. Community College Appeals Board
It was also decided last year that a Community College Appeals Board would be created. This Board will need to be approved by the NMSU Faculty Senate.

c. Teaching Load Clarification
Dr. Huerta noted that there have been many questions on teaching load. She referred to the handout - 5.20.20 Assignments - Teaching Load. It has been clarified by Exec VP/Provost that anything over 30 credit hours per academic year for 9-month faculty is an overload. Mr. Burke suggested initiating payment for the overload be done after the fall semester schedule is completed. Dr. Huerta noted that a process would be worked on.

d. Release Time Clarification
Dr. Huerta referred to the handout - memo from Provost Flores regarding reassignments and release time. Please review. Dr. Huerta noted that release time or special assignments should not exceed a year and must be in writing.
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A process for payment of overloads will be worked on.

Please review handout on reassignments & release time.
6 - HED Five Year Proposed Program Update - Dr. Gardea Dr. Huerta asked Dr. Gardea to share with this group what programs will be developed or established in the next five years. Dr. Gardea and the Division Deans worked on the handout - proposed programs 2006-2006, submitted to NM Higher Education Department, June 29, 2006. DACC's list was initially not included and we were then given an extension. Mr. Walker noted that the following were under Business & Information: game programming, project management, information tech management, clothing/ textiles/fashion merchandising (2+2), hotel/restaurant/tourism management (2+2), and cyber security. Dr. Huerta noted these were proposed and not set in stone. They have not been looked at as far as facilities and resources needed and also, if there is a need for the program. Dr. Huerta also noted that number three (dental hygiene) is underway and we have submitted our paperwork for accreditation and will continue once a program director is on board for three months. Also already underway is the Associate of Science, aerospace, and the glazing apprenticeship certification. Ms. Nickerson asked what happened to all the associate degrees being moved to this campus. Dr. Huerta noted this was still wanted, but with no new monies to help, it would create a challenge for us financially to take all these programs. Some NMSU Deans still want to keep some associate degrees. Mr. Hammond noted that they were offering six courses of developmental math (3-105 and 3-110) on main campus in support of the New College. A total of 12 sections of DABCC courses are being offered. Dr. Sharp asked about services for these students. He wanted to make sure faculty were aware that main campus will provide services for these students. A small discussion followed on certificates versus associate degrees. Informational Item
7 - DABCC Letterhead - Mr. Paulman Dr. Huerta asked Mr. Paulman to give this group a draft of the new DACC letterhead and allow for input. We will drop the "branch" from everything. Mr. Paulman noted that certain elements needed to stay. He referred to sample letterhead. Ms. Nickerson noted it looked more like a note pad and not letterhead. Maybe add a watermark. Ms. VanderGiesen noted it was more elegant and clean. Mr. Burke noted the logos sent to be used were too busy. He also noted he would like to see several options to choose from. Dr. Huerta noted her and Mr. Paulman would work on some options. Ms. Morris would like a little more of the college on the top. Ms. Allen suggested shortening the web site to Mr. Burke recommended it be passed through Ms. Maureen Howard first. Dr. Huerta & Mr. Paulman will work on several options to bring back to this group.
8 - WorkKeys - Ms. VanderGiesen Dr. Huerta asked Ms. VanderGiesen to talk about WorkKeys - what it is and how we are involved. Ms. VanderGiesen noted WorkKeys is a statewide initiative from the Governor's office. This is a job skills assessment system. There are nine WorkKeys initiatives and three are used for work readiness with five levels. The college is taking part in a pilot program. We have used it with Client Logic, Tresco, Tyson, and the Bridge Program and we are in partnership with the Department of Labor. It will be effective statewide in September. Ms. VanderGiesen noted WorkKeys was not new to the college. It has been worked on the last six years. It can be used in two ways: as a pre-screening tool or as a training gap tool. A bronze, silver, or gold card is given to the student who can present it to employers. The color shows what their score is. Ms. VanderGiesen would like Dr. Gardea and the Division Deans to built it into their budgets and start testing our students. A discussion followed on math gaps, testing high school students, charge for the test, and monies available. Ms. VanderGiesen noted it should be looked at as an institution. Dr. Huerta noted NMACC is also looking into this. Dr. Huerta would like this groups opinion.

Ms. Roberts noted when she worked as counselor for WorkKeys there was no where to send students with deficiencies and that there are some people who don't like computers. Ms. Nickerson noted this was under ABE statewide but chose not to compete with Ms. VanderGiesen. They are willing to help with the non traditional students. Ms. Brooks asked if TVI did this as a post test. Ms. VanderGiesen noted that all their students were given the test but did not know if it was pre or post. A discussion followed on WIA, TANF, and workforce development. Dr. Huerta noted we would continue to look at this and asked Ms. VanderGiesen to look at possible external funding. Mr. Chappell recommended it be presented to the program advisory committees.
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The college will keep looking into WorkKeys and Ms. VanderGiesen will look into external funding.
9 - DABCC Annual Golf Tournament - Dr. Huerta Dr. Huerta reminded everyone the DABCC Annual Golf Tournament is August 11 at the NMSU Golf Course. Ms. Portillo, even though retired, will help coordinate.

Dr. Huerta noted there will be no Administrative Council meeting in August. She asked the group for any announcements.

Ms. VanderGiesen announced that Ms. Consuelo Williams would be leaving us and moving to Gallup. She will be doing training for the State in 5-7 counties. October 12 has been set for the Workforce Summit. There will be no conference this year.

Ms. Morris noted the newly formed Library Advisory Committee would be meeting soon.

Ms. Pence noted there was an academic competitive grant available - $750 for 1
st year and $1,300 for 2nd year.

Dr. Huerta reminded everyone that August 21 is DABCC's fall convocation and August 22 is NMSU's convocation.
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Next Meeting Friday, September 1, 2006, 10:00 a.m., ACR

No meeting in August.

Meeting Ended 11:50 a.m.