Friday, November 5, 2004
10:00 a.m., ACR

PRESENT: Margie Huerta, Andy Burke, Bernadette Montoya, Anna Chieffo, Mike Elrod, Fred Lillibridge, Carmen Aguilera-Goerner, Mary Sletten, John Walker, Jerry Welch, Sylvia Nickerson, J.B. Carrica, Susan Roberts, Rebecca Kongs, Anna Dyson, Molly McGetrick, Irene Montoya (recorder)

GUESTS: Mark Workman, Mozella Garcia

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Meeting Start Time 10:07 a.m.

Dr. Huerta asked Mr. Richard Silva to join the meeting where she congratulated Mr. Silva on being elected Magistrate Judge. Mr. Silva noted it took a lot of work but it paid off. Dr. Huerta added we were very proud of him and were happy for him.

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1 - Approval of October 8, 2004 Minutes - Dr. Huerta Dr. Huerta asked for approval of the October 8 minutes. No questions, no objections. Minutes for October 8 meeting were approved. Minutes for October 8 meeting were approved.
2 - CEO Report - Dr. Huerta Dr. Huerta noted the DABCC Advisory Board met last night and approved the local GOB election to be held February 1, 2005. The work begins now. She also noted that Bond B & C on the November ballot were both passed. That will include approximately $4 million for DABCC of which $3.5 million will go to the next phase of East Mesa.

Ms. Nickerson invited everyone to the inaugural reception for Dr. Huerta on November 19. Invitations were sent out yesterday. Please share invitations with your staff.
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Please share invite with staff in your area.
3 - Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) - Dr. Mark Workman Dr. Huerta noted the NMSU Board of Regents held a meeting on October 25 at Alamogordo where they approved the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS). She asked Dr. Mark Workman to present to the Administrative Council. Dr. Workman noted the College of Distance Education changed their name to College of Extended Learning. They will be offering the BAS degree. The NMSU Faculty Senate approved the BAS at their meeting last night. Dr. Workman would like help with a formal Admissions Advisory Committee. The degree program still needs work on details. Dr. Huerta noted our student could take 66 credits here in fire science and then transfer to main campus for the BAS and take upper level courses in management. Credit for prior learning can be considered also. This degree paints a nice picture for our students. Dr. Huerta noted Dr. Workman is a strong advocate for the community college. Dr. Workman can be reached at 646-4079 or at A short discussion followed on undesignated degrees and an associate of general studies. Informational Item
4 - Graduation Rates - Dr. Lillibridge Dr. Lillibridge referred to handout regarding graduation rates. The template was provided by NMACC and this information is requested by the State. The peers listed were created by the CHE. The co-hort used is full-time, first-time students for 2000-2003. We are the 2nd lowest among our peers at 10%. Our rate has been dropping in recent years. We have been forced to create a target. Dr. Lillibridge referred to page 7 where the same data is shown but with New Mexico institutions. Statewide we are not too bad, but the graduation rate in the State is dismal. Dr. Lillibridge noted Lumina Grant would help us work on this. If we make it a priority, Dr. Lillibridge noted we could do it. Ms. Nickerson noted the Governor's Higher Education Plan should help us improve rates with more student access. A discussion followed on degree seeking students, certificate students, and job placement. Mr. Burke noted the CHE selection for peer groups did not use graduation rates but used salary wishes, budgetary issues, and district service areas. He noted to change and include more mountain states, we would work with NMACC and work as a group. Mr. Burke suggested we do a better job on how we do certificates. Dr. Huerta noted her support to prioritize and house under Lumina. We have an opportunity to improve. Dr. Lillibridge noted the problem is the next co-hort is 2001. A discussion continued on fee for certificates, waiving fee, students with Bachelors, and student starting here and finishing elsewhere. Dr. Montoya noted we needed to encourage students to apply and to apply early. Informational Item
5 - Distance Education - Ms. McGetrick Ms. McGetrick updated the Admin. Council on the report on Distance Education completed by the Distance Education Committee and referred to a PowerPoint presentation. She noted "Increase Course Offerings in Distance Education (ITV and WebCT)" was one of the academic unit goals. The report includes a summary of survey results, upcoming workshops for instructional technology, and creating the "complete plan."

Student Survey included:
  • -407 students from all campuses, cross section of classes, and from all divisions (distance ed courses were excluded)
  • -students surveyed by campus included 95 from main campus, 103 from East Mesa, 94 from Gadsden, 73 from Sunland Park, and 42 from White Sands

Snapshot of results:

  • -80% are employed, 78% have access to computer, 76% have internet access, 69% have access to computer at home, 35% have taken a distance ed course in some format, 53% have taken either WebCT distance or WebCT enhanced courses

Reasons for Choosing Distance Ed Classes:

  • -time constraints, living in remote locations, like working at own pace

Student Comments on Request for Specific DE Classes:

  • -Examples of classes suggested: Math & English, Digital Graphics, Criminal Justice, Education, BOT, Automotive, Biology, Chemistry, Art, and History

Student Comments on Potential Problems with DE Classes:

  • -computer literacy, computer access, proper instructions, reading problems, preference for classroom setting, English comprehension, time management, one-on-one with instructor, and being interactive with other students

Faculty Survey included:

  • -34 full-time faculty responded, most faculty who responded indicated they could convert a course to DE with some help, and most faculty surveyed have used WebCT

Challenges Faculty Identified in Creating DE Courses:

  • -lack of time, adapting to new type of instruction, keeping human element, encouraging discussion, creating methods of assessment, support resources, technical assistance

Challenges Faculty Identified for Their Students in Taking DE Courses:

  • -computer access, self-discipline, computer literacy, staying motivated, and lack of face-to-face communication

Faculty Concerns:

  • -institutional commitment, need for assistance in creating DE courses and ongoing technical support, compensation

The next step will be workshops for instructional technology. The purpose will be to provide training to faculty to convert core classes to DE format. The workshops will be held on December 13-15, 2004, and 15 faculty will be invited to attend (10 full-time, 5 part-time). A priority will be to have the associate of arts online by Fall 2005. Further development of the plan includes working with the other branch campuses to collaborate, proceed with Title V funding opportunities, shift emphasis of TRC to DE/faculty support, creating a DE website, and holding a strategic planning retreat in January to develop comprehensive plan and determine budget priorities. The working model will include administrative commitment, student services, tutoring, external funding, library services, technical support for faculty and students, dedicated website, and a marketing strategy.

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6 - Announcements - Dr. Huerta Ms. Kongs apologized for the conflict today with the conference on Non-Violent Communication. She noted the presenters were excellent and that it was very positive. Faculty Council is working on the 17 committees. Many are dysfunctional and there is a critical need to get effective.

Ms. Nickerson congratulated Marco Hernandez who took home a State award through ABE.

Dr. Montoya reminded everyone about the Student Awards ceremony on November 30 at 6:30 p.m. at Corbett Center. A slight change has been made. Approximately 300 crimson scholars will now be recognized in the spring. This ceremony will focus on student leadership. Student Services will be closed this afternoon to attend a make-up retreat. Dr. Montoya noted they were moving forward with interviews for the student activities position.

Dr. Lillibridge reminded everyone the planning documents (PRIP forms) were due November 19. He is committed to taking this process all the way. Reappointment of the Planning Committee will take place with the chairs of the Facilities Committee and Budget Committees added. The plan/goal will be to meet in January. On November 12, Dr. Lillibridge will present his presentation on retention again. New slides will be added to the end (last hour).

Dr. Chieffo noted Dr. De Leon has written NCA to let them know we would be seeking independent accreditation. Dr. Huerta noted main campus was supportive in us seeking accreditation the traditional way. Dr. Chieffo will send out an e-mail to everyone asking for volunteers.

Mr. Welch noted they, along with Las Cruces Public Schools, were submitting a proposal to CHE for the technical vocational centers. It is due by 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 10. Dr. Huerta noted Ms. Sletten also is submitting a proposal, but is working with the Gadsden School District.

Ms. McGetrick noted on November 17 there would be a reception for the 4
th Anniversary of the Sunland Park Community Library. DABCC will no longer be in charge of the Library but plans are to continue as a community library with the City of Sunland Park taking over. She also noted they were ordering equipment for East Mesa through Title V.

Ms. Sletten noted a meeting with local dentists and Bill Valentine from the State Association will be here on November 12. They will be looking at a bill to fund program. She noted they had been approached by Gadsden to submit proposal for a career technical building at their new Chaparral High School to focus on health occupations.

Dr. Carrica noted Sunland Park and Gadsden will be open on Friday nights and Saturday during the day. He also noted that anyone wanting representatives from Sunland Park or Gadsden on committees may have a hard time because they are short staffed.

Mr. Walker noted he was attending a statewide articulation meeting in Albuquerque. They are looking at common course numbering. He also attended Tax Help NM training. The program is free to low income people. This model will go nationwide.

Ms. Roberts noted the White Sand fall festival will be November 17 and 18 from 5:00 to 9:30 p.m. She also noted they had not moved into the new building. She has been on guard duty during the evening.

Mr. Burke noted Sunland Park Phase 2 had been re-bid. The bids were opened yesterday. ESA was the successful bid and Mr. Burke is optimistic it will be completed for Fall 2005. The company is localized in that area. Mr. Cammack is planning to retire in August of 2005. Architectural selection was underway for East Mesa for $3.5 million from state GOB and $5 million from the local GOB. Mr. Burke would like to get one architect for both projects and do as one project. He is working with Mr. Rem Alley on a preliminary evaluation of the Workforce Center. Mr. Alley has experience with us as he did the Gadsden Center. Mr. Burke noted the CHE is interested in meeting here at DABCC from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on November 16. They would like to meet at East Mesa Center. Mr. Burke will not be in town. Mr. Walker and Irene will work on details. The CHE will need to approve our bond election on November 19. Mr. Burke would find it useful to a have a pre-meeting for the Fall 2005 schedule and the impact on the budget. Dr. Huerta suggested we add it to the December 3 Administrative Council agenda. Irene will put on December 3 agenda. Mr. Burke noted the design for East Masa Phase II is 2/3 done and bid should go out before Christmas and opened after. Target is Spring 2006.

Dr. Huerta noted there was an Artist Reception in the Health Conference Room today immediately following this meeting. She also asked everyone to work on their golf game. Dr. Huerta is planning a golf get together for Administrative Council in early spring.
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Dr. Chieffo will send out an e-mail to everyone asking for volunteers.

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Mr. Walker & Irene will work on details for CHE meeting at East Mesa on November 16.  Irene will add budget/facilities impact on 2005 schedule to December 3 agenda.

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Next Meeting Friday, December 3, 2004, 10:00 a.m., ACR
Meeting Ended 12:01 a.m.