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Command Spanish

With Command Spanish® e-Training Programs, you can:

  • promote better communication in the work environment;
  • increase safety in the workplace;
  • enhance workers’ job performance;
  • decrease or remove communication barriers;
  • receive cost-effective instruction without leaving your house; and
  • provide better service to persons in the Hispanic community.

Command Spanish® online courses are designed to be efficient, reliable, and effective.  These are one-of-a-kind programs.  For many, the convenience and benefits of e-Training are too good to pass up. 


All programs are based on our exclusive Language Power-Lock System™.

What is the Language Power-Lock System™? 
The Language Power-Lock System™, created by Command Spanish®, Inc., revolutionizes language e-Training.  Seven brain-compatible, interactive processes unite to provide contextualized, purposeful learning opportunities.  The Language Power-Lock System™ employs an integrated “switchback method” to engage the learner through visual, auditory, and psychomotor pathways.  These interactive learning processes provide adult learners with an easy, user-friendly, effective system for the learning and long-term retention of practical Spanish language for the workplace.   

Using the Language Power-Lock System™, developed by Command Spanish®, Inc, e-Training programs employ a wide variety of drills, exercises, and activities to ensure student mastery of the material.  Importantly, each program includes a “record-back” option that allows the learner to compare the quality and accuracy of his or her Spanish with that of native Spanish speakers.

Command Spanish® e-Training programs are:

  • Self-Paced  (You, not an educational institution, decides at what pace you will take the course.)
  • Asynchronous (You can start the course on any day, at any hour.)
  • Non-Teacher-Led (You are not dependent on the availability of a teacher.)
  • Based on Adult Education Principles
  • Economical (You save gas and time by not commuting to and from class.)

Each Command Spanish® e-Training program includes important cross-cultural information and tips relevant to the specific occupation or profession that is being targeted.  These cross-cultural capsules are designed to eliminate or reduce misunderstandings in the workplace.

All e-Training courses feature:
•  Work-Specific Language;
•  Non-Grammar Based Materials;
•  Phonetic Encoding;
•  Generic Spanish;
•  One-Way Communication; and
•  Diagnostic and Screen Questions.

Upon completion of each course, the learner will have immediate access to and be able to print his or her own personalized Certificate of Completion.

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