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Procurement Card/Pcard


The Procurement Card (PCard) system is designed to provide faculty and staff with a convenient and simple method for your procurement needs. It is one of the University's two recommended methods for making small dollar purchases of regularly consumed supplies and services. The Pcard is a Visa and should be accepted by any authorized supplier that accepts Visa Cards. It reduces turnaround time for approvals and payment of charges, and eliminates bottlenecks and paper shuffling between departments.

The Pcard program is not intended to replace the Purchase Order system. It is to be only used for the purchases of supplies and services less than $3,000 in value. Items valued more than this should be procured through the issuance of a Purchase Order. The Pcard program is also not intended to be used for travel and hospitality services. These types of expenditures should be procured through the Travel Office in the Business Office. They can be reached at 527-7650.

The maximum single transaction limit for Procurement Card purchases is $3,000 with a maximum of $10,000 total charges for the monthly billing cycle. Splitting a single order greater than $3,000 in total value into multiple orders to elude the $3,000 Pcard transaction limit is contrary to University policy and should not be done.



Hand with Credit Card

How to get a Pcard

1. Complete a Procurement Card Application
You'll need to complete a Procurement Card Application and forward it the Business Office located in room DAMA 114L.

The Application must be signed by your supervisor and your department chair/director if you are staff or by your department chair/director or dean for faculty. By signing the application, you acknowledge your understanding of the program and agree to abide by the guidelines established.  Any misuse of the card may result in the revocation of the Cardholder's charging privileges. Any unauthorized purchases may be charged to you.

After the Procurement Card Applicaton has been received by the Procurement Card Administrator, they will submit your information to the bank. It will take approximately two weeks to process your application.

2. Complete a PCard System Cardholder Access and Change Form.

Also needed in the application process is a PCard System Access and Change Form. When completed, forward it to the Business Office located in room DAMA 114L

The designated pcard holder's signature is needed on this form along with the Business Manager, and the appointed approver. This form ensures access to the issuing bank system for pcard statement access and transactions processing for the approvers.

3. Complete the P-card system training Course on Policies and Procedures
The Procurement card policies and procedures course is offered through an online course or a sit in class. This will give you an understanding of the policies and procedures for using the Procurement Card and is mandatory for all new pcard holders. It is also recommended for anyone else using the pcard.


Procurement Card Policies & Procedures (Sit in)

Time: 1.5 hour
Target: Mandatory for all new cardholders; recommended for proxies and approvers

This 1.5 hour course, taught by NMSU Center for Learning & Professional Development, covers the policies and procedures for being a procurement card holder. Resources and references are covered as well as what is and is not allowable for purchasing with the procurement card. This course is Mandatory for all new cardholders located in Las Cruces. Cardholders located outside of the Las Cruces area should call NMSU Training & Development at 575-646-7444 to schedule training.

Click to go to registration site

Procurement Card Policies, Procedures, and System Training (online)

Time: approx. 1 hour
Target: Mandatory for all new cardholders; recommended for proxies and approvers

This online course, offered through Blackboard, covers the policies and procedures for being a procurement card holder, proxy, or approver. Resources and references are covered as well as what is/is not allowable for purchasing with the procurement card. Use of the Procurement Card system is covered through demonstrations and tutorials as well as documentation. Procurement Card training is mandatory for all new cardholders. To register for this online training, please contact the Center for Learning & Professional Development at 575-646-7444 or email

4. Receive your card
The Procurement Card Administrator will then call you when your Procurement Card is ready for pick up. When you receive your card please forward a copy of your pcard(front and back) to the Business Office DAMA 114L for your pcard file.

For any guidance and further assistance with the processes of the pcard applications, please call the Business Office Puchasing/Accounts Payable at 527-7651

Cardholder Guidelines

  • Cardholders should utilize all pcard policies in accordance with the New Mexico State University policy and procedures guidelines set forth in the pcard training and training materials, Business procedures manual (BPM), the Cardholder Agreement and any other specific DACC internal requirements.
  • Original Receipts for all pcard purchases and any supporting documentation attached to a Pcard cover sheet, should be sent to the Business Office DAMA 114L in a timely manner.
    • Receipts must be turned in on a daily basis.
    • Pcard cover sheet should have name of card holder, vendor, general goods/services, and purpose of purchase, index number and department making purchase.
  • No personal use purchases with the Pcard are allowed. No exceptions.  This will be marked as a misuse and may have pcard privileges revoked.
  • Keep the card in a secure location. Unauthorized users could put DACC at financial risk.
  • If the procurement card is to be used by others in the department it is still the Pcard holders responsibility to turn in receipts in a timely manner.
  • All items purchased with the Pcard must be shipped to a DACC address.
  • University policy prohibits the splitting up of purchases greater than $3,000 to evade the usage of a Purchase Order.
  • Dona Ana Community College is tax exempt and all purchases excluding services should not be charged tax.  A copy of the tax exempt notice may be printed or emailed to vendors.
  • If the original receipt is missing the cardholder must contact the vendor and request a replacement; in the event a receipt cannot be obtained a pcard missing receipt form is required.
  • A Cardholder determined to have made unauthorized purchases using the University's Procurement Card may be held liable to the University for the total amount of all unauthorized purchases.
  • If a Pcard is lost or stolen, it is the Pcard holders responsibility to contact issuing bank at 1-800-932-0036.
Credit Card

  Card Limits

$3,000 per transaction

                                           $10,000 total per billing cycle

Unallowable Procurement Card Purchases

These types of purchases should be paid through a purchase order, direct pay, travel request, or an internal departmental voucher

  • Travel related expenses: hotel, car rental, gas, airfare, tours, meals
  • Business Meals (only to include food for resale and lab supply)
  • Internal purchases: NMSU Bookstore, Registration fee, Employee Health
  • Professional Services Contracts, lease purchases, monthly rentals of any kind (any purchase requiring a contract)
  • Employee Uniforms (includes Departmental shirts & student shirts) embroidering of uniforms is allowable.
  • Employee Awards (gift certificates, flowers, gift cards, etc.)
  • Taxes (allowable only on services and labor)
  • Agency Fund purchases
  • Equipment/Furniture purchases over $1,000 (Must use a P.O. and must be tagged through NMSU Property Office).
    • Furniture purchases should be approved through the Facilities Support Office



Restricted Purchases for any DACC Account

  • Annual fees on credit cards
  • Donations
  • Holiday Decorations
  • Alcoholic beverages (except for resale)
  • Tickets for athletic or enteratinment events
  • Personal care products
  • Occasion cards, flowers, and gifts (condolence, birthdays, going away parties) for personal or business occasion/events.
  • Compensation for personal service
  • Fines, Penalties

Vendor Declined Transactions

Transactions may be declined by Visa either for "blocked" suppliers or for transactions that exceed the dollar limits of a card. If a transaction is declined, the Cardholder should contact the vendor and if the reason for the decline cannot be determined contact Wellsfargo or NMSU Pcard administrator at or 646-2916 if assistance is needed. The Pcard administrator will then discuss the matter with the bank.

*** Purchases made using the Procurement Card are subject to audit/review by appropriate University personnel. Outside auditors may also review Procurement Card documentation if warranted. For these reasons, it is important that all Procurement Card documentation such as receipts, packing slips, etc. be retained on file in the business office for seven (7) years.