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Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn't my copy code work?

There are various reasons, make sure you are entering the correct code. Some of our machines will "time out" after the code has been entered incorrectly 3 times. If you are using a machine located in a department other than yours or a machine you have never used before, your code may not be in the machine.  Contact Internal Services if you need your code entered into a machine.

What is the cost for double sided copying?

Double sided copying would cost 14¢. Thats 7¢ per side.

Is there an extra charge for copying on colored paper?

No. You can use colored or white paper.  Cardstock for copying or for departmental use is 5¢ per sheet.

Can I get different colors on the same stapled copy job?

No problem! All the Internal Services copiers have a "Build a Job" feature that allows for at least 5 different color and style pages to be stapled together into one document.  Most departmental machines have this feature as well. Departmental secretaries that would like to be instructed on the use of "Build a Job" can call Peg @ 528-7067 and we'll set up a training.

I forgot my copy code. Can I get it from you?

We prefer that you get your code from your department. If we recognize you and know for sure what department you are with we may be able to help.  There are some codes we are specifically unable to give out. These codes area assigned by a specific department and Internal Services personnel may not have access to them.

What is the largest size you can laminate?

We can laminate any length but it can be no wider that 24 inches.

What kind of binding do you have?

We use standard black plastic spiral binding. 

What is the largest you can bind?

We can bind up to 250 pages. If your document is larger we can split it into two bindings.

What if I want a cardstock cover on my book?

Cardstock covers are included with the price of the binding.  If you want your cover to be more durable we can laminate it at an addition cost.