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Choose Classes with Your Academic Advisor

As a new student, your advisor will guide you toward a good combination of first-semester courses to set you up for success. These may include:

  • basic academic skills courses in English, reading and math--
    these subjects are especially good to start with if you place into any pre-college level (developmental) English, reading or math, since these basic academic skills will help you with future coursework in other areas;
  • a college success class - COLL 101 or UNIV 150--
    these courses are designed to help students successfully transition to college;
  • an introductory class in your major--
    it’s a good idea to test the waters in your major early to make sure it’s a good fit;
  • something you are interested in--
    starting off with something you like gets you involved in your learning;
  • a career exploration class - COLL120--
    this class is a good choice for those researching careers and majors;
  • classes in a required sequence--
    courses such as math and foreign languages build on themselves in a sequence and, ideally, are started early in your college career;
  • start with on-campus classes--
    distance learning courses such as web-based courses (with little or no on-campus attendance required) are offered at DACC/NMSU. These are often challenging for first-time students. DACC recommends on-campus courses your first semester.

Students who wish to attend full-time must enroll in a minimum of 12 credits. Those who desire to successfully complete a full-time load at DACC are encouraged to limit their work hours to no more than 20 hours per week.