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ABE Course Description

ABE Course Description

GED® - High School Equivalency

Did You Know That...

  • More than 860,000 adults take the GED® (High School Diploma) tests each year.
  • Passing the GED® means you did better than 40% of today’s high school seniors.
  • One out of every seven people who graduates from high school earns the GED®.
  • The GED® is widely accepted by most employers, colleges, universities, and branches of the armed forces.
  • More than 95 percent of employers view GED® graduates the same as regular high school graduates in hiring, pay, and promotion.
  • Many distinguished Americans are GED® graduates, including, Michael J Fox, Oscar De la Hoya, Peter Jennings, Jerry Garcia, and the 17th U.S. Surgeon General, Richard Carmona.


Where to Prepare for the GED®Tests 

The four ABE learning centers in Doña Ana County provide FREE classes, tutoring, books, and other learning resources to help you get ready to take the GED® tests. You must be at least 16 years old, not in high school, and demonstrate academic skills below 12.9 grade equivalency to use the services provided by the Adult Basic Education Division. Classes, instruction, workbooks, and tests are available in either English or Spanish. We also help advanced students begin the transition to college.


Steps for Preparing and Passing  the GED® Tests

  1. Attend an ABE orientation at a learning center (or in class in outlying areas).
  2. Take an academic skills pre-assessment (required two weeks before attending class) to locate your academic strengths and areas of needed improvement in writing, math, and reading. Students who pre-test at the highest level can begin official GED® practice tests.
  3. Complete a plan of action to include class registration, an individualized educational plan (IEP), workshops, tutoring, or all the above.
  4. Re-evaluate academic skill gains for GED® readiness (after 40 hours instruction).
  5. Advance to higher level.
  6. Take practice test online.
  7. Register to take the official GED® 2014 test online at  Take about 30 minutes to register.
  8. Pass the official GED® tests.
  9. Attend a transition to college workshop and take the free college preparation course.
  10. Inquire about the College Scholarships;
  11. Apply for admissions, fianancial aid, and attend college.

Class Information
Classes are scheduled every fall, spring, and summer semesters, but you can begin studying at any time at your nearest learning center. When you are ready to pass the official tests, please contact your local center for more information on how to register for your exam.  Additional information can be found on the web at: .  The cost for the entire battery is $120.

The GED® Tests

The official GED® exam confirms that you have the basic skills taught in a four-year high school program. The questions on the exam emphasize problem solving, critical thinking, and skills for the workplace and for higher education. There are four tests. Graphic interpretation is a very important area in almost all the tests.

TEST 1: Reasoning Through Language Arts (150 minutes) with break

Involves analyzing short passages to find and correct mistakes in structure, grammar and usage, mechanics, and organization.

TEST 2: Science (90 minutes)

Physics, chemistry, biology, and earth and space science.

TEST 3: Social Studies (90 minutes)

United States history, geography, US Government and Civics, Economic foundations and Global connections


Basic math through algebra. An online calculator is available during the test.

Note: All students enrolled in GED® en Espanol must also be concurrently enrolled in an ESL class.

 ESL - English as Second Language

English as a second language is taught through conversation, listening, reading, writing, grammar, and pronunciation, as they are used in everyday communication and student-centered learning projects. At the beginning levels, the focus is on English literacy and skills that are essential to everyday, real-life situations and needs. At the advanced levels, there is emphasis on academic and higher-level English, to prepare you for college and for success in the work force.

In order to better serve you, students who are interested in registering for ESL classes are given a placement assessment to identify skill strengths and needs and are placed into the six-level program accordingly.

ESL classes are offered at our four ABE Learning Centers during the day and evening, and are also offered at several public school and community sites throughout Doña Ana County. Call or visit your nearest ABE Learning Center for more information and for a class schedule. Tambien se habla espanol.

Those ESL students that want to go to college and meet the required criteria can apply for the Ruth Kunz, ESL, or College Success Scholarships. This scholarship was established to help ABE enrolled ESL students transition from their completed ESL program to college. For additional information call (575) 527-7542. (click here for more information)

Basic Reading Program & First-Language Literacy

Literacy Volunteers of Doña Ana County (a member of Proliteracy of America) is a program to help adults who have not had the opportunity to learn to read or write basic English. This program will help develop basic literacy skills so that learners can continue with other educational goals such as getting a GED®. Trained volunteers are matched with students on a one-to-one basis as available. Student information and records are kept confidential. Native speakers of Spanish with limited literacy skills in Spanish may also attend first-language literacy classes offered at some locations. This helps Spanish speakers with low literacy skills in their primary language to transition to ESL with greater ease.

The literacy program is for adults reading below the sixth-grade level in the English language. A trained literacy tutor works one-to-one or with students in small groups. For more information, call 527-7744.

US Citizenship Preparation

Knowledgeable and helpful instructors teach U.S. history, government, rights and responsibilities of citizens, civic participation, requirements for citizenship, conversational English, and basic English literacy. Classes provide practice questions that may be on the test, citizenship interview, practice and help with filling out applications. Instructional workbook are all provided free. You will also learn who qualifies to interview in his/her first/native language.

Now available: $500 Student Scholarship toward USICS application. (click here for more information)

Basic Computer Literacy

To be eligible to take this class, students must be enrolled in at least one other intermediate -or higher-level Adult Basic Education class (ESL, GED®, etc). Instruction includes basic keyboarding, windows, internet, edit save and retrieve documents, and a survey of selected computer applications. Students gain confidence with computers and develop basic computer skills through hands-on experience. Course may not be repeated.