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SGA Student Elections 2015

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Select 2 of the following candidates. 1 for President, and 1 for Vice-President.

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Isis Au

Let me start by introducing myself my name is Isis Au, I’m currently in the Dental Assisting Program and the president for our club. I’m perusing a double major in dental hygiene. I’m a crimson scholar and the senator for Student Government Association (SGA). I love being involved in the community and helping others.

I have been involved in the following activities; DACC haunted house, Aggie Cup Board, the upcoming Great American Clean Up, and the retention committee for SGA. Becoming your student body president would give me the opportunity to further serve our community by listening to my fellow students, hearing and voicing your concerns, and getting our fellow students involved in student government.

My objective is to serve the community and my fellow students to the up most efficiency. My areas of expertise include: Organization, success and productivity in fundraising activities, focus and determination, dependable and ambitious. I also have excellent communication skills and a strong motivation to succeed.

Please consider me as a candidate as your student body president of the Doña Ana Community College, 2015/2016 school year.

Thank you, Isis Au

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Randall Garcia

As the potential incoming President of the Student Government Association, I intend to support and further enhance the possibility of student success. I recognize the invaluable relationship that can be experienced from open and free, student to faculty communication. I aspire to serve the student body as a leader and advocate for student rights and privileges.

My natural character and personality possess strong noble values, Including integrity, personal courage, and the in inherent powerful desire to lead a life of service and humble stewardship of my talents and resources. I plan to utilize my professional leadership skills to support and build the effectiveness of our Student Government Association.

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Derek Holder

School can help you become good at a profession, experience will help you become great at that profession, and dedication will help you become the best at your profession.

My name is Derek Holder and I am an automotive technology student here at DACC.  I am a full time student, an employed full time automotive technician, and the current president of DACC's Automotive Club. My work has ranged from retail, to management, to construction, and as a detention officer, but I never felt at home in any of those jobs and decided to come back to school for the one thing I truly had a passion for, automotive technology.   I believe a good education is the foundation of a successful career and I will do my best to help fellow students succeed in their quest for not only a good education, but a completed education.

I am focused on making the learning experience fun by bringing students together because I believe a student has a better chance of completing their education if they enjoy being at school. I am here to help DACC and I have the experience and dedication to help you succeed as well.


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