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Apprenticeship Programs

Electrician at work
Associate of Applied Science Degree

  • Electrical Apprenticeship Option
  • Machinist Apprenticeship Option

Certificate of Completion

  • Electrical Apprenticeship Option
  • Machinist Apprenticeship Option

Electrical Lineworker Certificate

(575) 527-7591

Apprenticeship programs provide training through a combination of learning experiences, both on the job and in the classroom. These programs are approved by the State Apprenticeship Council and the U.S. Department of Labor. Apprentices typically spend at least 2000 hours per year learning on the job as paid employees of a sponsoring organization, and a minimum of 144 hours per year in related classroom instruction. The term of an apprenticeship depends on the job being learned. For most highly skilled crafts, such as electrician, plumber, or machinist, it is four years. Once an apprentice has completed the program and passed the appropriate examinations, (s)he is considered a journeyperson.

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